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‘CSI:Cyber’ Premieres Tomorrow, On ‘World CSI Day’

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The long-awaited premiere episode of CSI: Cyber, “Kidnapping 2.0”, airs this Wednesday, March 4 at 10:00pm ET/PT. As CSI Files previously reported, CBS is kicking off the night with “World CSI Day” at 7:00pm EST. Here’s a clip of series creator Anthony Zuiker talking about the event:

After the jump, you can find another tweet about “World CSI Day”, along with quotes, videos, tweets and photos relating to Cyber and tomorrow night’s series premiere. (Contains 37 embedded tweets, images and videos!)

First, here’s the “World CSI Day” tweet:

Cyber stars Patricia Arquette (Avery Ryan), James Van Der Beek (Elijah Mundo) and Shad Moss (Brody Nelson) will visit the ladies of The Talk tomorrow (March 4) at 2:00pm ET (1:00pm CT/PT).

The cast of the spinoff spoke to Yahoo! TV about staying safe online. “The book is still being written on how to portray [cybercrime] and how to make it interesting,” Van Der Beek said, indicating that the writers and producers of Cyber continue to do just that with each script. “Much in the same way that the original CSI did 15 years ago with fingerprints and blood splatter and bullet trajectories. We all take for granted now that we all know what that is — but I don’t think before the original CSI it was in our vernacular.”

Yahoo! TV also shared this sneak peek from “Kidnapping 2.0”, which features Elijah and Ryan:

Next, check out an exclusive clip from the premiere on Entertainment Weekly, which introduces the characters.

The Cyber cast spoke to Fox News about the show, and here’s a quote from Arquette:

This has put me over the top of paranoia to a whole other level. We don’t know what the hell is going on with all our devices and all the capabilities of these things. [‘CSI: Cyber’] is the very cutting edge of law enforcement, unlike the way forensics were with the first ‘CSI.’ The ability to use these new devices and ways of thinking, strategizing with these new technologies to solve crime is really interesting, but so is how criminals are twisting these new technologies for evil gains.

Here’s a video from USA Today, offering a look at the set with Arquette:

Next, check out an exclusive premiere clip on Zap2It, featuring the Cyber team hard at work on the case.

The NY Post has an article about Producer Mary Aiken, the cyberpsychologist who inspired the character of Avery Ryan. “The attraction for me was [that] this is an incredible platform to reach out to people and to talk to them about cybersecurity and cyber safety messaging,” she said. “I’m hoping that each program becomes a conversation piece in the home for … parents to talk to kids about the use of their devices and, more importantly, for kids to talk to their parents about security online.”

CBS shared four new videos featuring the Cyber cast behind the scenes, and you can watch them below:

Next, take a look at these tweets and photos, which have been shared over the past few days:

TWO DAYS!!!! #CSICyber

A photo posted by @csicyber on

2 days until you can see these two knuckleheads and I solve some computer crimes on @csicyber Wednesday March 4 @ 10/9c!

A photo posted by Charley Koontz (@charley_koontz) on

#BehindTheScenes with #PeterMacNicol… Are you ready for #CSIcyber tomorrow?!

A photo posted by @csicyber on

Finally, here are a few videos from Twitter and Instagram:

2 DAYS AWAY FROM THE PREMIERE OF CSI:CYBER !! #csicyber #hayleykiyoko

A video posted by Hayley Kiyoko (@kiyoko11) on

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