May 21 2024

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Take A Look At Tonight’s ‘Criminal Minds’

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Criminal Minds has a new episode on the schedule tonight, and you can find sneak peeks, quotes, tweets and photos after the jump!

Here’s a clip from “Nelson’s Sparrow”, featuring David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), and young versions of Rossi (Robert Dunne) and former BAU supervisor Jason Gideon (Ben Savage). (You can also find it on, CBS Press Express and SpoilerTV.)

Next, check out this exclusive clip from TV Guide, which features Gideon and Rossi in 1978:

Mandy Patinkin (Jason Gideon) left Criminal Minds before the show’s third season, and he was replaced by Mantegna. However, both Gideon and Rossi have a shared past. “Within the mythology of the series, Gideon is a very important part,” Executive Producer Erica Messer told TV Guide. “To go back and acknowledge that yeah, he was one of the godfathers of the BAU, it was like, let’s do it. It’s time to meet godfathers of the BAU. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him as we knew him, but I thought, let’s see who that guy was.”

Mantegna spoke to TV Guide about the past relationship between Rossi and Gideon:

You’ll see the traits that pretty much dictate who we were and who we are. It’s not one of those things where we’ve each changed as we got older. Rossi and Gideon are two different guys, but sometimes that’s the chemistry you need to make something happen. He’s quiet; I’m more outgoing. It’s almost like a marriage in a way – opposites attract, yin and yang. … You see aspects of his character and my character and how they work in a positive way to help build the unit. I would say they got along very well.

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, including some from the episode’s filming late last year:

Criminal Minds, Day 1

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Back to the 70s on Criminal Minds

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Selfie with Matthew and Joe

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It's back to 1978 tonight on #CriminalMinds. CBS 9PM

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