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Here’s another collection of news, interviews, videos, photos, casting information and tweets relating to NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Criminal Minds, which have been shared over the past three weeks. (Contains 192 embedded tweets/photos/videos!)


A November Sweeps episode will reunite leading man Scott Bakula (Dwayne Pride) with his former Quantum Leap costar Dean Stockwell. According to, he’ll play a retired New Orleans cop named Tom Hamilton, who happens to be the father of Councilman Douglas Hamilton (recurring guest star Steven Weber). “We did it!” Executive Producer Gary Glasberg said. “We found an opportunity for the tremendously talented Dean Stockwell to reunite on-screen with Scott Bakula. What a treat for November sweeps. We are thrilled to have him join us for some Thanksgiving fun and intrigue in NOLA.”

The latest episode of New Orleans, “The Recruits”, introduced Darryl Mitchell in a recurring role as Security Analyst Patton Plame. Executive Producer Jeffrey Lieber recently spoke to about the show, including this comment about Mitchell’s addition to the cast:

When we went to create the character, we wrote it into the script: Security Analyst Patton Plame, who looks and feels a lot like Darryl Mitchell. It is so rare that you get the actor you are looking for. Darryl is one of those actors, who the minute they are onscreen, you are drawn to them. He is funny; he is interesting. It is not an accident that he is a comedy actor in our show. He brings that level of energy into the scenes. That is one of the reasons we went and got him.

Yahoo! TV has a first look at the Halloween episode, including photos. “Halloween is sort of like a religious experience in New Orleans,” Lieber said. “There are few cities that take it on in the way that New Orleans does. We just wanted to go full on into the pageantry and excess and size and scope and really do a story that’s eerie and a little bit dark and wonderful.”

The series premiere of New Orleans, “Musician Heal Thyself”, featured the song “Your Time, My Time” by the Lovehammers; and episode 1.03, “Breaking Brig”, included “No Pleasing You” from Holly Long:

Bakula spoke to HuffPost Canada TV about joining the cast of the spinoff, and here’s an excerpt:

Pride certainly isn’t Gibbs [Mark Harmon] from “NCIS.” How do you feel he approaches life and the job differently than his friend?

The biggest way it’s different is we’re not in a new situation every week. We’re not leaving the town. My character has grown up in New Orleans and worked here his entire life, so he has relationships all over town. We’re going to hopefully build a stable of politicians and cops and waitresses and people Pride has known, that come in and out of stories. We have an opportunity to build a family of actors and characters that we’ll revisit. You can’t run away from it. You make a mistake and then you stay here and have to face up to it. That’s the big difference. We stay in New Orleans. We love this place and we’re trying to make it better.

TheWrap talked to Lieber, and he had this to say about the possibility of oversaturating the market with NCIS shows:

Obviously the “NCIS” franchise is incredibly thriving, but was there a concern at all about reaching a saturation point with another spinoff?

Well, this is network television, so there’s always a concern with anything you do. The show succeeds because people buy into the character, and the franchise itself is just a container for that character. So the goal was, in this case, to build these five people in a way that people would invest in them and take them on and then, over time, we’ll be able to continue to fill out the world. We’re now shooting episode five, starting episode six, so we’ve started to build in a group of people who are our people. We’ve got this confidential informant in a couple of episodes, we’ve got the guy Councilman Hamilton in a couple of episodes, we’ve brought in this other actor who we’re very excited about but probably can’t say his name. So we’re just sort of building our world. To answer your question, there is always a concern. If it’s a new show, the question is, will it catch on? If you do a spinoff, the question is, is there too much? What we try to do is not make this about “NCIS” and really try to invest in these five people.

Here’s a list of seven things that make Zoe McLellan (Meredith Brody) smile, from CBS Watch Magazine, including this one:

7. New Orleans is my new home and I’m in love. The city is rich with culture and real people who smile and really mean it when they ask you how you’re doing.

CCH Pounder (Dr Loretta Wade) spoke to Yahoo! TV about New Orleans and some of her previous roles, including a guest spot on Quantum Leap with Bakula in 1990:

We have reminisced, but we greeted each other like old friends, which was really great. I’m really having a great time with him here. It’s almost as if, because of [Quantum Leap], it already opened up the pathway to have a very quick relationship here in New Orleans. It’s been very easy to get back to work with him. Really nice.

Mark Harmon (NCIS’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs) is an executive producer on NCIS: NOLA, and he offered his thoughts about the spinoff to Check out this question and answer:

It seems to have become one of the tropes of procedural spinoffs that the city sits front and centre, NCIS already has a Los Angeles spinoff, CSI went to Miami and New York. Why do you think that is the case?

I think what makes it unusual is what makes it potentially work. When we first talked about it, this was a very small New Orleans office, basically three people, who had been there for a long time, doing incredible work. Then you have New Orleans the city, right in the middle, which has its own environment, for hundreds of years. Its own sound, its own feel, certainly its own smell, taste, all that. So our job, in talking about all of this, was saying this is potentially a hugely rich opportunity to footprint a show, and at the same time, do something a little bit different.

Pounder did an interview with Newsday about her new role, and here’s an excerpt:

And how will that be translated into the coroner’s gig — the same one McCallum has on “NCIS?”

“I’m a younger version than McCallum, and if we’re in a town that allows people to give them the illusion that you are allowed to do whatever the hell you want, how would that translate with someone who works with dead bodies all the time? What’s the [emotional] outlet? [After seeing what she called a “joie de vivre” among workers at the LA County coroner’s morgue] I thought this makes no sense to me at all and then I realized that if you are working with that kind of reality then the rest of your life would be enhanced by knowing what the alternative is — a sort of ‘I’m going for the brass ring with gusto’ sets in. I wanted to do that with Loretta.

Pounder attended a real autopsy to prepare for her role, but Rob Kerkovich (Sebastian Lund) skipped that step. Here’s what he told TV Guide:

Production called us and said, ‘We’re taking you to the Jefferson Parish Morgue.’ And I said, ‘Great, let’s do it.’ So we went there and we’re sort of walking around … and then they say, ‘You guys are also here to see an autopsy.’ That was the first time anyone had ever said that to me, so I was like, ‘Oh.’ And then CC just says, ‘Well, you know, I went to the morgue in L.A., so I saw one. But Rob, if you want to check it out … !'” And everyone just sort of turns to me and I have to say, ‘I’m good. You know what? I’m okay.’ So I dodged a bullet, I think.

And here’s a video from the same article, in which Kerkovich and Pounder discuss their characters and the relationship they have:

Yahoo! TV posted an article about the spinoff last month, including six things to know about the show. Here’s a quote from Glasberg about adding to the franchise:

When you set out to do something like this, the goal is to make something that’s a little different, that still very much speaks to the franchise, but at the same time has its own voice and its own style. And as you’ll see, this show has that. There’s a richness of character. The city of New Orleans is very much a character of the show. Music plays a big part.

Black told Zap2It about the expectations for New Orleans:

That’s what was cool about wanting to be part of this project, the original “NCIS,” the success they’ve had. We knew that we were being joined with a bunch of winners, and that’s what you want. This group, you know, the platform they set … we got a little pressure, but we’ll see how we respond.

Zap2It shared a brief interview with Pounder, including this quote about Dr Wade:

I wanted a kind of spirituality that would possibly play into old world religion, the kind of spirituality that one might find in a place like New Orleans. Not that she’s part of it, but she could be hypnotized by it. She could roam down that path and listen to another person’s interpretation of it and just be a great listener for them without making fun of it. I wanted her to be really open to other thinking in the New Orleans world.

Here’s a quote from McLellan about getting her role on New Orleans, courtesy of

I sent my agent an email saying something awesome was going to happen and 20 minutes later she called me and said, ‘well, they (NCIS producers) are looking for this character and they want to see you today’.

I ran home to get something to wear to audition and felt in that moment, ‘I need to play her (Special Agent Meredith Brody)’. I was just determined to make it my role.

Be sure to check out this interview with Dwayne Swear, the inspiration for Bakula’s character on NCIS: NOLA, from WWLTV.

Pounder answered five questions for Channel Guide Magazine. She also had this to say about joining the spinoff: “I don’t want to be part of slowing that franchise down! But I don’t want to sit on the success of the previous shows. I’m honored to take the title and try to do something a little different, a little more adventurous, all within the confines of network TV. Wish me luck!”

Bakula spoke to, and here’s a comment about his role on NCIS: NOLA:

It’s already different just being in New Orleans. My character is completely different from previous characters. My guy is completely out there. It’s about what he’s going to do, how he’s going to do it. I’m going to get wet. He breaks the rules. And he’s in love with the town and in love with the people who live there. It’s not just a job for him. So it’s a big difference already.

Here’s an interview with Pounder from the Washington Post (via Reading Eagle), including this quote about the transforming effect of New Orleans:

I used to come here for the Essence Festival a lot. A lot of straight-laced people become other personalities here. It allows you to be that other person within you. I wanted to portray a bit of that, where (Loretta) is a little bit dogmatic at her job in terms of getting to the bottom of the mystery, but outside of her job, she can still cut a rug on the dance floor, she can still have a kind of life force that you don’t necessarily think (of as associated with a) coroner.

Finally, take a look at these tweets and photos:


TV Guide spoke to Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) and executive producer Gary Glasberg before season 12 kicked off, and here’s an excerpt about something coming up:

3. We meet Bishop’s husband! Little is known about Ellie Bishop’s personal life, other than the fact that she is married. In Season 12, viewers will finally get a glimpse of Bishop’s husband, Jake, who works with the NSA. It’s likely that he’ll be introduced under the guise of helping out with a case or two, according to Glasberg. “It’ll give us some more insight into her, into her background,” he promises.

And here’s some casting news related to the above: According to TVLine, Jamie Bamber will portray Bishop’s husband, Jake Malloy, in a November episode. “We’ve waited a long time to meet Bishop’s husband, and we’ve found him in Jamie Bamber,” Glasberg said. “Jamie is a charming, talented actor, and we’re thrilled to have him on-board for this Thanksgiving episode and some exciting surprises to come.”

This question from TVLine involves Bamber’s character:

I’m not ashamed to admit this is a very shallow question, but: Is there any way that NCIS’ Jake could be from Oklahoma by way of London? I know that Jamie Bamber also plays characters who are not British, but that accent… sigh. –Andrea

Many a reader has echoed your sentiment/sigh/wish, Andrea, but I’ve confirmed that Bishop’s husband is American, so no accent for you.

In other casting news, Nikki DeLoach will also appear in a November episode. According to The Wrap, she’ll play Army Lieutenant Colonel J Leland, who helps the team search for the remains of a Marine who died in Vietnam. You can take a look at several tweets and photos from DeLoach below, including a shot of the actress with Mark Harmon:

Check out this article from TV Guide, which offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at next week’s episode of NCIS, “The San Dominick”. The article also includes quotes from Harmon, Glasberg, and writer and Co-Executive Producer Christopher Silber about the show in general and Gibbs in particular. Here’s a comment from Silber about Gibbs’ quiet nature:

On other shows, the lead actor is always counting his lines. But I remember when I first got to NCIS [in 2005], figuring out how to write that character was so complicated. You would type what you think is very little, and then you’d get your script back and be told, ‘He can say that with a look, that with a look, and that with a look.’ You get programmed to remember that and always think, ‘As few words as possible.’ Or no words, if possible. The best version of a scene would be no words at all for him! Or one word.

Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) sat down with the ladies of The Talk on October 14. You can find the full episode here (her interview starts at 19:00), or watch a clip below:

Here’s a question from TVLine:

Will we ever see what becomes of McGee’s dad on NCIS? Last we heard, he had Stage 4 cancer. Will that be addressed? –lwild

Though show boss Gary Glasberg had indicated to me a desire to revisit that thread during Season 12, as of this past Monday, when I spoke to Sean Murray, McGee’s portrayer had “not yet” heard of any concrete plans.

Perrette was on Larry King’s show earlier this week. You can watch the full episode on, and here’s a photo Perrette shared (click to see it full-sized):

Very happy me with @KingsThings on #LarryKingNow Interview ai... on Twitpic

Weatherly visited Queen Latifah on her talk show October 7. Here are several clips from his interview:

Harmon and Perrette filmed a CBS Cares segment about PTSD, which you can watch below:

Weatherly spoke to People about losing 35 pounds during the hiatus between seasons eleven and twelve. Here’s a quote:

I was really gratified when I went into wardrobe at the start of the season and could fit in a season 1 jacket. That was 12 years ago! Most importantly, I had more energy and more stamina. It’s very hard. I go through periods of working so hard, I don’t know when to exercise. And I’m surrounded by some food options that wouldn’t be my first choice. But you do the best you can.

Here’s a glimpse of former NCIS actress Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) on the set of The Dovekeepers, an upcoming CBS miniseries “based on Alice Hoffman’s acclaimed historical novel about extraordinary women whose lives intersect in a fight for survival at the siege of Masada.” You can find more information here.

Finally, check out these photos, including 11 images from the live tweet session during the season 12 premiere:


Happy season 12 of #NCIS! Are you live tweeting with #BrianDietzen #SeanMurray #MichaelWeatherly

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Season 12 cake for the fans! #ncis

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Repost from @juliechencbs: #NCIS is the world's most-watched Drama !! @pauley_perrette's got the whole world in her hands

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The ladies of #TheTalk with #NCIS's Pauley Perrette!

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Pauley Perrette backstage! #TheTalk #NCIS

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And here’s a video:


Pauley loves your photos! #NCIS #Halloween #TheTalk

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Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) and Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) will participate in a live tweet session this Friday, October 17. Here’s more information:

Here’s a first look at the crossover between NCIS: LA and the freshman series Scorpion, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Go behind the scenes of the show with CBS Miami by watching the interview below, which features LL Cool J (Sam Hanna) and Chris O’Donnell (G Callen):

Next, check out this video featuring O’Donnell and LL Cool J, in which they answer fan questions:

Mashable went behind the scenes of NCIS: LA last month, and you can see the photos here.

Mashable also offered a look at the “Densi” scene from the latest episode, “Praesidium”, featuring script comments from Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) and co-writer R Scott Gemmill.

LL Cool J and O’Donnell spoke to ET Online, and you can watch the video here.

Here’s a video featuring every explosion from the first five seasons of Los Angeles:

O’Donnell did a short interview with the LA Times, and here’s an excerpt:

How active is your role on “NCIS: Los Angeles”?

We do a lot of stunt work, and that’s a lot of fun. … LL Cool J is unbelievable, and we feed off each other. It’s a bit contagious. LL is a positive influence.

You can find a story about Linda Hunt’s (Hetty Lange) renovated Craftsman home, including 21 photos, on the LA Times website.

LL Cool J spoke to Chideo about perfecting his autograph, and you can watch the short video here.

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, followed by several videos, including the season six premiere live tweet session:


Life is better near water. #ncisla #dit #setlife

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Season 6 of #ncisla is getting coming up soon. Congrats to my partner @llcoolj #ncislamon10pm

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Countdown to season 6!!! (Or season 66!) Cast is tweeting now!

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A cast that tweets together, stays together. #ncisla celebrating season 6.

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SEASON SIX!!! #ncisla

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6! #ncisla

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My favorite photo from last night's live tweet. It was the east coast feed but it was still 7:30 and the little bear was fading fast. Its my favorite when he burrows his head into my neck and makes little pig noises. #alittlebitofperfect #workingdad #nevermissanopportunityforasnuggle

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I believe a #squish is due on bossman @jpkous #ncisla

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"Guys, guys I've found the one!" Just another day at the office! #ncisla #ericcolsen #cbs #zap2ittakeover

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I think this photo speaks for itself but I declare a caption contest. Take it away people. — Daniela Ruah #ncisla #zap2ittakeover #cbs

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"We take ourselves very seriously." #ncisla #cbs #barrettfoa

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Deeks @ericcolsen undercover for season premiere. #neverseenhimlookbetter #ncislamon10pm #ncisla

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Yep, something just blew up. #ncisla tonight at 10pm! @ericcolsen

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Our most dapper director and exec prod, @jpkous directs this evening's show! #parisjohn #mondays10pm #thatstodayfolks! #ncisla @cbsphoto @ncisla

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And here are the videos:


Watch the kind of fun we had on set w/ @LLCoolJ co-hosting E.T. with me 2nite! #TooMuchFun @etonline @bradbessey

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Criminal Minds

According to TV Line, Ian Nelson (Teen Wolf) will appear in an upcoming episode. He’ll play “an emotionally complex teen unnerved by taunts he and his friends receive in the form of morbid selfies posted online.”

Check out this question from TV Line:

Question: Do you have anything on Criminal Minds? —Brandon

Ausiello: The long-running CBS procedural is hiring a woman to do a man’s job (i.e. kill lots of innocent people). In this season’s ninth episode, the show will take the unusual step of introducing a female unsub — and she sounds like Patrick Bateman’s twin sister. The character is described as a successful, extremely attractive thirtysomething career woman who is impulsive, emotional and prone to sudden rages. BONUS SCOOP: In the same episode, we will meet Rossi’s second wife in a circa 1994 flashback. Not sure what that’s about.

And here’s a question from TV Guide:

Criminal Minds scoop! — John

Need some relationship updates? Morgan’s lady Savannah will return in the seventh episode and they’re “still going strong,” according to executive producer Erica Messer. We’ll meet one of Rossi’s old flames — his second wife — in a flashback in Episode 9. “In the middle of the season, Rossi has a couple of interesting episodes that will help you understand him and we thought this was a good way to tell a story without always bringing people in [in the present],” Messer says.

This question is from Entertainment Weekly, and it relates to the answer above:

Do you have any Morgan scoop for Criminal Minds? — Emma

You heard that Mistresses’ Rochelle Aytes will be returning as Morgan’s love interest Savannah, right? “We want to play the very real relationship of two working adults who both save lives,” showrunner Erica Messer tells me. “She’s a doctor and he’s a superhero FBI agent.” On the professional side of things, Morgan will act as a support system for Garcia as she suffers from guilt over shooting that guy last season.

Mashable posted an inside look at the introduction of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new character, Kate Callahan, featuring comments from Messer, Co-Executive Producer Breen Frazier and Producer Rick Dunkle—you can find it here.

Take a look at this post from BuzzFeed about Penelope Garcia’s (Kirsten Vangsness) quirky desk accessories.

Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid) spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the show, and here’s a quote:

I meet kids that are 20 that have been watching it for 10 years. I see there’s a unique and really lovely opportunity to kind of help enrich people’s lives, hopefully, by being a friend that they have on TV or someone they can kind of look up to and aspire to be like. I hope that he continues to be a hero to people.

Vangsness sat down with Inside Pulse over the summer, and here’s the interview:

Finally, check out these tweets and photos, including images from the live-tweeting session during the season ten premiere.


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