‘CSI’ Cast & Crew Share More Pics, Plus Season 15 Spoilers


Check out another collection of 18 photos featuring the cast and crew of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, along with information about the upcoming fifteenth season. (Contains spoilers!)

First, here’s the CSI portion of the Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off article on TV Guide:

Where We Left Off: The team worked with a retired cop to solve a small-town murder with remarkable similarities to one the ex-cop investigated 25 years ago. And the show set up veteran cast member Paul Guilfoyle’s exit when, after Capt. Brass’ troubled daughter Ellie attempted suicide, he made an abrupt decision to focus on his relationship with his daughter.

What’s Next: While the premiere will explain Brass’ “extended leave of absence” the CSIs will quickly jump into a serial killer case that will run throughout the season. Mark-Paul Gosselaar guest-stars as a murderer on death row whom D.B. Russell convicted years ago, as well as his identical twin brother, who may have picked up where his sibling left off. “Is it an acolyte? Has the person in prison found a new partner? Or worst case scenario, did Russell put the wrong person away?” executive producer Don McGill teases. Elsewhere, Finlay will get a new love interest in Human Target’s Mark Valley, and Greg and Sara’s close bond will be explored further. Plus: Look for another girls’ night out episode!

Next, check out this question from TV Guide:

Got any new scoop on CSI’s new season? — Jessica

As you may have heard, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is playing a serial killer from Russell and Finlay’s past. As that story gets stretched out over the length of the season, you can expect to get some flashbacks to Russell and Finlay’s days in Seattle. “It dredges up a lot of feelings — about what happened five years ago, where they were in their relationship five years ago,” executive producer Don McGill says. “The relationship in the past informs the relationship in the present.” Could Finlay’s new love interest (Human Target’s Mark Valley) have some competition?

Here’s a tweet from upcoming guest star Bella Thorne, which she shared last Friday:

Finally, check out these photos (and one video) that have been shared on Twitter and Instagram over the past two weeks:

And here’s the video, which features Alimi Ballard (Detective Crawford) and George Eads (Nick Stokes):

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