July 21 2024

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‘CSI’ Says Goodbye To Paul Guilfoyle

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Paul Guilfoyle first appeared as Captain Jim Brass in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s pilot episode, and he has remained on the crime drama for the past 14 seasons. As CSI Files previously reported, the series has been picked up for a fifteenth season, but the Hollywood Reporter just announced that Guilfoyle will not be part of the cast when CSI returns in the fall. Producers made the decision to write the character off the show, and Guilfoyle will make his final appearance during the season finale on May 7. Here’s a statement from Executive Producers Carol Mendelsohn and Don McGill:

Paul made Capt. Brass a standout character. He is not just an original cast member, he is an original. In a show about forensics, fans always looked forward to the handcuffs coming out, and Capt. Brass putting his spin on the crime of the week, just as Paul Guilfoyle put his indelible stamp on the character and the show. He will be missed.

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4 thoughts on “‘CSI’ Says Goodbye To Paul Guilfoyle

  1. another reason to not watch this show. Just kill off Nick Stokes while you are at it so the rest of the faithful can be done with it.

  2. It sounds like they are writing the character off the show and that’s it’s not Paul Guilfoyle’s choice to leave. I’m just curious about why they’ve decided to do this. Albeit, they haven’t done much with Brass this year and there’s been (in my opinion) not enough fallout from the events of the season premiere.

  3. A big loss IMO. I really love his sarcasm while talking to the suspects, witnesses and murderers. Hope Louise Lombard or Katee Sackhoff returns to fill the void.

  4. Wow, this is messed up!!! So, will he be questioned about his rouge work with Ray Langston in Los Angeles? Or other cover ups that I must’ve missed over the years that Brass has been on the show? Will Crawford replace him? I kinda like Crawford, but he doesn’t have Brass’ sarcasm and funny comments when dealing with a colleague or suspect. At least they are admitting of letting go of a legendary character and great actor, instead of saying that HE was the one who chose to leave. Though, I wouldn’t blame him if he chose to, the show and the writings are going to the stinker slowly. And nice fake sympathy on the producers’ part, really. Letting such a great actor go and acting all sympathetic and saddened by it? Lots of fun slowly killing your own show, guys! I’d be done with it before it actually hits the dirt 6 feet below!!

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