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Check Out More ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘NCIS’ & ‘NCIS:LA’ News & Spoilers

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Here’s another collection of interviews, questions, tweets, photos, videos, casting information and news articles relating to Criminal Minds, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. (Contains spoilers!)

Criminal Minds

Here’s a question from Mega Buzz:

Any more scoop about Criminal Minds’ 200th episode? — Leo

ADAM: Well, first of all, don’t miss the last few minutes of the 199th, because it will feature a perilous cliff-hanger involving JJ that will force Cruz to come clean about their past. “At the beginning of the 200th, the team… has to figure out how to help her,” showrunner Erica Messer tells us. “JJ is the victim of the episode.” And how does Prentiss figure in? She’ll be seen in the present and the past in the flashback-heavy episode.

And check out this question from TV Line:

Have you heard anything about what’s going to happen in Criminal Minds’ 200th episode? –Elizabeth

We of course already know that Paget Brewster will be back to appear in new flashbacks (and more?) as Prentiss. But now I can also report that Jayne Atkinson similarly will reprise her role as longtime (and doomed) section chief Strauss. “We’re getting the core group of people that we’ve had through the years,” Shemar Moore shared with me. “The only one missing is Mandy Patinkin.” What, with today’s advances in technology, we can’t digitally insert him and his beard into scenes…? “I think there’s a lot of politics involved,” Moore responded. “That’s all I’ll say.”

Here’s an interview with Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid) from BuzzFeed. Check out this excerpt, in which Gubler acknowledged that being on the same show for nine years has the potential to be “maddening”:

It is for — I’m a control freak, which is why I love directing. I feel like I’m in a very rare group of actors who have played the same character for nine years… No one has ever explored — it’s a very unique and lucky position to be in, but no one’s ever explored how can you — there’s no class on keeping that fresh or keeping your sanity amidst that very fortunate situation, so I see all my other projects — I don’t know. I’ve always stayed busy, though.

Moore spoke with Entertainment Tonight about fighting multiple sclerosis in honor of his mother. Here’s a video:

Showbiz Tonight visited the set of Criminal Minds, and you can watch the video here. It includes quotes from AJ Cook (JJ Jareau), Messer, Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia), Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), and Moore.

Here’s a question from Entertainment Weekly:

Do you know if Morgan is going to introduce Garcia to his girlfriend on Criminal Minds? He’s got to introduce her to his Baby Girl! — Kellie

“It’s way too early to tell,” says Shemar Moore. “So much could happen, and Derek is still work first, play second. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Check out this video featuring Cook, in which she offers information about episode 200.

Finally, check out these photos from Twitter—click to see them full-sized:


Check out this question from TV Line:

When will NCIS pick up the Parsa storyline? I am really excited to see it play out! –Jenny

I, too, wondered about when this season’s Big Bad might rear his ugly head again. Showrunner Gary Glasberg told me, “We’ll get back into that story after the holidays – and hopefully kick off the year with something significant.”

William deVry will appear in an upcoming episode—here’s the tweet:

CBS shared these scans of a CBS Watch! interview with Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer).

Take a look at these photos from Twitter—click to see each one full-sized:

Here are a few tweets from Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto):

Check out this article on BuzzFeed, which describes what it takes to be a dead body on NCIS.

NCIS received an SET Award last week for the episode “Detour”. The awards honor “accurate and impactful entertainment portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and math.” Here’s a photo of Dietzen and Executive Producer Charles Johnson:

Mark Harmon will visit The Late Late Show this Monday, November 25.

Here’s a question from TV Line:

Question: Mike, Mike, Mike… What can you tell me about NCIS’s 250th episode? —Marsha

Ausiello: Marha, Marsha, Marsha… I can tell you that someone from Gibbs’ past will resurface around the time of the CBS phenom’s landmark episode. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Susanna Thompson is set to reprise her role as Jethro’s ex, Hollis Mann, this January. And, show boss Gary Glasberg, teases: “She is coming back in an unexpected way.”

Check out this question from Entertainment Weekly:

Any McGee scoop? I don’t feel like he’s gotten enough to do on NCIS lately.– Jacinda

“He’s going to play a really big part after the holidays,” EP Gary Glasberg assures me. “And Delilah’s still around. He’s got his work cut out for him in some stuff coming up.” And speaking of the holidays, you won’t want to miss the Dec. 17 outing. It’s a nail-biting hour that will find the team trying to crack the case of a strange outbreak occurring within military families. “It’s an Abby-centric story. So it’s Abby and Carol [Meredith Eaton] and Palmer really focused in the lab to try to focus on what’s going on,” Glasberg teases. There’s also a “really, really loving” story involving Vance, who is celebrating his first Christmas without his wife. Tissues, please!


Entertainment Weekly reports that Michelle Trachtenberg will appear in the show’s holiday episode on December 17. She’ll play Lily, an environmentalist and private chef who deals with a home invasion that “turns her life upside down.” According to Executive Producer Shane Brennan, “We’re very excited to have Michelle guest on the show. It’s a very intense episode which pairs Michelle with Callen and Sam, in what is probably one of our biggest action shows so far this season.”

According to TV Line, Andrew Leeds will appear in a recurring role later this season as Booker, “the team’s newest tech operator who is smart, guarded, focused and curt. His eye for detail is an asset. His OCD? Not so much.”

Here are some photos from Twitter—click the thumbnails to see the original images:

Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis posted these two tweets, including a clarification about episode order:

Erik Palladino announced that he’ll be returning to NCIS: LA—here’s the tweet:

Check out this question from TV Line:

Question: Any scoop on what Deeks will be up to (and with whom) while Kensi is off on her mission to Afghanistan? —Jan

Ausiello: First off, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Kensi is, in fact, hopping a plane to the Middle East. Let’s see what exec poducer Shane Brennan has to say on the subject. “Kensi and Deeks face their biggest challenge, both professionally and personally in coming episodes,” teases the boss. “The emotional ripple that started with their unexpected kiss at the end of last season is about to turn into a tsunami that doesn’t just impact them, but the whole team. As a result, one of them will be reassigned.” OK, now it’s officially confirmed. (I think.) Now here’s a Bonus Scoop to make up for the fact that I totally side-stepped your original query: I have uncovered fresh intel about the new tech officer being played by Bones’ Andrew Leeds. Per sources, his character, Booker, is a member of a special task force hunting down an elusive terrorist.

LL Cool J (Sam Hanna) visited Queen Latifah’s talk show on November 14, and you can find three clips below:

He also visited Craig Ferguson on November 11. You can find the full episode on (starts at approximately 19:50), or watch the interview below:

Chris O’Donnell (G Callen) read a “Mean Tweet” about himself on the Jimmy Kimmel show—you can watch him at 0:27 in the video below:

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