July 21 2024

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Take A Look At More ‘CSI’ Set Pics, Plus Tweets

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Check out these 14 photos featuring the cast and crew of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, including Paul Guilfoyle (Jim Brass), George Eads (Nick Stokes), guest star Jordin Sparks, Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders), Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody), Wallace Langham (David Hodges), Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews), director/Executive Producer Louis Milito, Ted Danson (DB Russell), director/Line Producer Frank Waldeck, guest star Catrinel Marlon (Elisabetta), and writer/Co-Executive Producer Treena Hancock—click to see each one full-sized:

You can find a pair of tweets after the jump, including one from Sparks and a hint about episode 14.11:

First, here is the tweet relating to Sparks’ guest appearance:

And here’s the spoiler about episode 11:

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2 thoughts on “Take A Look At More ‘CSI’ Set Pics, Plus Tweets

  1. Hanging With my Dearest??? Dearest what, Elisabeth? Dearest friend? Or is Eric the secret fiance that you claimed to be engaged to? And that after he asked one of his friends Dita Von Teese to guest star in CSI, and that the viewers didn’t like his hiring of friends, that he decided to cast you as a regular so to be on the viewers’ good side again with another one of this friends. Gotta love being famous by association, eh? Or if he’s not your secret fiance, shouldn’t you be worried about how a secret hubby back home would think about that pic as well as the Dodgers’ pic with Eric, and SuperDave. It’s bad that Brass’ inability to love Ellie and choosing Morgan to live over her during the season premiere, but now George Eads threatening to quit because of the crappy writing is making me question where this once great show is heading towards or downwards. Congrats on turning this once great show into a soap opera, Elisabeth! You must love the spotlight so much!

  2. I think the writers are trying too hard to make Morgan someone’s girlfriend, and the more they can’t make up their minds, the worse this whole storyline gets. What next, they ditch the Greg/Morgan/Hodges story as if the triangle never existed, and have her hook up with Matt Davis?? well why not? it sounds like they’ll make him A love interest either way.

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