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Check Out More ‘NCIS:LA’, ‘NCIS’ & ‘Criminal Minds’ News & Spoilers

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Here’s another collection of photos, videos, tweets and questions relating to NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS and Criminal Minds. (Spoilers after the jump!)


Here’s a question from Entertainment Weekly:

Can I get some Kensi and/or Deeks scoopage? Thanks for all the NCIS: LA love, Sandra! — Jadyn

In an upcoming episode, one of these two is going to get help for a very serious problem that’s usually reserved for male celebrities who get caught cheating on their wife: sex addiction. Yup, in an upcoming episode Deeks will find himself in a Malibu rehab center seeking help for this, um, troublesome issue. “The audience will have to wait to see if he’s undercover of if he’s got a serious issue,” jokes executive producer Shane Brennan.

Digital Imaging Technician John Scott Mills shared a photo of a location that will appear in an upcoming episode, and Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis posted several images from behind the scenes, including a shot of Linda Hunt (Hetty Lange):

General Hospital actor Bradford Anderson will guest star in episode 5.08, which airs on November 12.


First, check out this question from TV Line:

What can you tell me about life after Ziva for NCIS’ Tony? –Cheryl

As glimpsed in this week’s episode, Tony’s still working through his issues regarding her absence, so it’ll be some time before he opens his heart again. “I’m curious to see what’s next for him in his personal life, but we’re not going to rush into anything,” showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains. “Much like a real relationship, it takes time to recover and to figure out what’s next, and the one thing we’re really trying to do is approach this from the standpoint of as if it’s real. You have to give people” – the audience included – “time to ‘mourn’ and deal with their feelings, and then re-embrace why they watch NCIS.“

Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) will visit The Talk on Halloween (October 31).

Here’s a photo featuring Weatherly and newcomer Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop)—click to see it full-sized:

Director Dennis Smith and writer/producer Chris Waild posted these tweets about episode 11.09:

Criminal Minds

Here’s a question from E! Online:

Declan: You never give us any Criminal Minds spoilers, what gives?!

How about we make it up to you by revealing that we’ll be meeting a main character’s father and brother this season? Damon, Blake’s police captain father asks her to come back to Kansas City to help with a string of murders, much to her police detective brother Scott’s dismay.

Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) visited Queen Latifah on her talkshow on Friday, October 18. You can watch the full interview below:

Check out these two questions from TV Line:

Any chance you have Criminal Minds scoop? I’d love to hear it! –Rachel

Around midseason, we will meet Blake’s police detective brother and retired police captain dad, who summon her when their hometown is rocked my multiple murders.

Please tell me that Criminal Minds’ JJ didn’t have an affair with the new chief (played by Esia Morales). That’d break my Jareau-loving heart. –Amanda

I know that’s the easy conclusion to jump to, but his mentioning of a “case still being open” steered me away from it. For now. But frankly, we’re meant to be puzzled. Coming out of this week’s episode, “People are going to be a little confused as to what exactly their relationship is — and the great thing about it is we really don’t answer any questions,” says A.J. Cook. “We just let it hang there, for a while. But I hope people stick with it, because it’s a beautiful thing.”

And here’s another question from TV Line:

Do you know anything about Criminal Minds’ 200th episode and if any Prentiss scenes occur in present time? Will she interact with everyone? –JP

I tried to sneak your question by Thomas Gibson during this week’s Q&A, but he dodged it like the pro he is. “Paget [Brewster] will be there, but I won’t say how,” he hedged. Even teasier, he mused: “And hopefully we’ll see her again…?” All told, Gibson describes the milestone episode as “a gift to fans, and we’re as happy Paget’s coming back as they are.”

MegaBuzz posted this question:

Got any new Criminal Minds scoop? — Carol

ADAM: Thomas Gibson is directing an episode later this season written by longtime consultant and former real-life BAU agent Jim Clemente. “It’s based on a case he worked in real life — the disappearance of a child. There are some horrific things in it,” Gibson tells us. “It’s a story about how profiling really works, the true ins and outs of it, and how they caught the people behind the disappearance. It’s a little more like our earlier episodes.” Does that mean green-screen is back?

Next, take a look at several photos featuring Cook, Jeanne Tripplehorn (Alex Blake), Gibson and Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan):

Finally, check out this tweet from Joe Mantegna (David Rossi):

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