Sinise: It Was A Great Nine Years


During its nine seasons on the air, CSI: New York gave leading man Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) “stability” as an actor. “I didn’t have to worry about what my job was,” Sinise told CBS News. “And I could do a lot of good things. It allowed me to start my own foundation. It allowed me to do things with music that has been very beneficial to folks.” Now that CSI: NY has been cancelled, Sinise will concentrate on his work with the aforementioned Gary Sinise Foundation. Even though he’s moving forward, the actor reflected fondly on his time with the crime drama:

It was a great nine years. In the beginning, I didn’t know how I’d feel about doing a show over a long time period of time. But unless you have a long-running series, most actors just go job to job if you’re lucky to keep working. You just do a movie or a play or a TV thing, and it’s over at some point. This was the first time in my life as an actor or an entertainment person — aside from being the artistic director of Steppenwolf [Theatre Company] for a period about seven years, this is the first time in my life that I’ve had a steady job…And it was a great, wonderful group of people to work with over a nine-year period. Will I miss it? Yeah, but I knew it would come to an end at some point. After doing it for five years, getting another four years out of it was all gravy and icing on the cake. So I’m very grateful we had the time together on that.

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