‘CSI:NY’ Season 9 Premieres In The UK


The ninth and final season of CSI: New York premiered on Channel 5 in the UK on Tuesday, July 30. Sela Ward (Jo Danville) told Digital Spy that she was “sad” to see CSI: New York end. However, she explained, “It’s something I can’t control. It’s literally all about the bottom line and ratings. It’s just the game of broadcast television.” Regarding her time spent on the crime drama, Ward added, “I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun and I think it was a great show.”

For AJ Buckley (Adam Ross), the biggest problem with New York’s cancellation was the lack of closure. “Some of us were hoping we would come back and knowingly have one ‘final’ season because there was no closure,” the actor told Yahoo! TV UK. Despite not having a “proper send-off”, Buckley had great things to say about his time on CSI: NY. “It was a good run,” he shared. “I’m so lucky and blessed to be part of such a big franchise and something that was successful for so long. I’ve built some real friendships from the show, after spending eight years there and Carmine [Giovinazzo, Danny Messer], Hill [Harper, Dr Sheldon Hawkes] and Eddie [Cahill, Don Flack] have become really good friends.”

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