‘CSI’ Premiere Features DNA Capsule


The season 14 premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will feature a storage device known as the DNA Capsule. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)

DNA Capsule makes specialized containers to hold blood samples for future DNA testing. Each capsule has a triple-sealed barrier, which allows it to be stored at room temperature. A chemical inside the capsule keeps the sample stable, and water is added when it’s time to extract the DNA.

The company is owned by Sean and Stephanie Recchi, along with Stephanie’s mother, Lucinda Young. They received a call from the CSI props director, Michael Lindsay, who asked if the crime drama could use the DNA Capsule in the September 25 season premiere. “They find this capsule, and they’re able to run some tests on the DNA,” Stephanie Recchi told the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, adding that there’s “something really interesting” about the DNA. “It’s a very cool concept they’ve come up with to make these specific villains different than your normal people.”

The original article is from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, and you can read more about the DNA Capsule on the official website.

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Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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