Harnois: It’s Going To Get A Little Crazy


The final moments of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s season 13 finale, “Skin in the Game”, found Morgan Brody in danger, and Elisabeth Harnois promises “a lot more to come” when season 14 gets underway in the fall. “It’s going to get a little crazy,” the actress told the Press Association. Based on the season-ending cliffhanger, she added, “I’m really excited to see what is going to happen. I hope they explore more of the father-daughter relationship and her pretty dark past because they’ve hinted in previous episodes at how she was a rebellious kid, and I would like to see some of the backstory there. The writers have told me they enjoy writing this complicated relationship and its healing, which they haven’t done before.”

Source: Yahoo! TV UK

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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