‘CSI’ Season 14 To See Three Departures


As I previously reported last week, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is undergoing a writers’ room shuffle for its fourteenth season. Three writers will not be returning for the upcoming year: writers’ assistant and writer Michael FX Daley (“Lying Down with Dogs,” “Man Up,” “Split Decisions,” “Sheltered”) co-executive producer Joe Pokaski (“Tell-Tale Hearts,” “Zippered,” “Malice in Wonderland,” “Wild Flowers,” “Dead Air”) and co-executive producer Rick Eid (“Pick and Roll,” “In Vino Veritas”); Eid will now serve as showrunner on the new CBS series Hostages. Though departures are being made there will be no new additions to the writing staff, meaning a condensed writing staff will be in place compared to past seasons. What is considered an internal move, former writers’ PA Deanna Shumaker is now stepping in to work as the writers’ assistant.

Prior to leaving for summer hiatus the writers were able to ‘break’ the first five episodes of Season Fourteen, and I hear co-executive producer Gavin Harris will pen the show’s 300th installment. With the exception of four producers–who will return a week before–the writers will return to work June 3rd.


Shane Saunders
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