A Writers’ Room Shuffle For ‘CSI’ In Season 14


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation just concluded its Season Thirteen run tonight and I am now hearing the show is undergoing staffing changes going into its fourteenth season. As with any series deep in its run changes become inevitable and that is a factor going into their upcoming year, which will also feature the 300th episode.

Season Fourteen will once again feature twenty-two episodes but without a few of the writers. Elizabeth Devine, who has been with the franchise since its inception, is transitioning from consulting producer to co-executive producer. Also moving up is current co-producer Tom Mularz, who is being upgraded to supervising producer.

CSI is the only member of the long-running franchise to remain on the air and it will continue to be on its Wednesday perch for the 2013-2014 season. There’s been some speculation that Season Fourteen will be its last, though I hear, at this point, that is not the case. Unlike the two spinoffs, I’m told the show will be given proper notice to fade out.

Shane Saunders
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