McGill Shares Info About The Last 3 ‘CSI’ Episodes


Starting May 1, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will air three new episodes to finish out the show’s thirteenth season. (Spoilers after the jump!)

CSI Files previously reported that Catrinel Marlon will return as David Hodges’ (Wallace Langham) fianceé Elisabetta in the next original episode, “Fearless”, which airs May 1. As Executive Producer Don McGill told TV Line, “Fans can expect more intrigue between our unlikely couple when a surprise visitor from Italy and a surprising revelation about Elisabetta’s past surface at a day spa where Elisabetta finds herself a witness in a murder investigation.”

McGill also spoke to TV Line about the final two episodes of season 13, “Ghosts of the Past” and “Skin in the Game”. The penultimate installment, airing May 8, is “a pretty fun episode” according to McGill. He explained that “a killer has possibly come back from the grave,” and this situation brings up Greg Sanders’ (Eric Szmanda) psychic family connection, which was first mentioned in “Spellbound” during season six. “We learn a bit more about Greg and this part of his life he has long grappled with, being a man of science,” McGill revealed.

In the May 15 finale, the CSIs go up against “a pretty wily serial killer who is targeting Vegas prostitutes and sex industry workers.” According to the official episode description that was previously posted, “One team member goes undercover and is jeopardized when the team discovers they are up against a highly sophisticated predator.” James Callis will guest star as a journalist in the finale; this character follows the CSIs during the investigation, hoping to find information that will allow him to expose the hypocrisy and corruption within the city’s law enforcement.

It has also been reported that Tim Matheson and Annabella Sciorra will appear in the finale, and both actors will return for the season 14 premiere in the fall. Matheson’s character was previously revealed to be a sophisticated and intelligent MD-PhD, and McGill described him as an art collector who is a “wolf in very thin sheep’s clothing.” Meanwhile, Sciorra will play Jim Brass’ (Paul Guilfoyle) ex-wife Nancy, who interacts with him after their daughter Ellie (Teal Redmann) goes missing. “We thought it would be interesting to do a sort of parallel storyline with a family member of one of our team and someone within the team simultaneously left in jeopardy,” McGill explained, referring to Ellie and the undercover team member. “It seemed like the right way to end a season, exploring all the tension within the CSI family.”

The new information is from TV Line.

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