May 28 2024

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Content Partners Buys 50% Stake In The ‘CSI’ Franchise

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The entertainment finance firm Content Partners LLC has acquired a fifty-percent interest in the CSI franchise from an affiliate of Goldman Sachs. This makes Content Partners an equal stakeholder, with CBS Corporation owning the other fifty-percent interest in the franchise. This type of transaction provides the sellers with liquid assets; in exchange, Content Partners now owns half of the future production company revenue from old and new episodes of all three series.

Sources: Deadline, New York Times

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5 thoughts on “Content Partners Buys 50% Stake In The ‘CSI’ Franchise

  1. Now this is something that has something to do with the C.S.I. franchise. There is some relevance. No relevance whatsogoddamnever in fucking GOLDEN BOY & VEGAS switching timeslots. Keep it up Trongo, you can do it, you can get this site to be the dedicated resource it CAN be. Just do not fuck it up by pissing away this summer the way Huntley did for nearly 10 years. USE the downtime, USE the breaks, USE the summer, USE the time it affords you.

  2. It’s hard to take ‘criticism’ like this seriously when you’re ‘pissing’ away time by controlling someone’s actions.

  3. Do you think it’s a sensible idea to post an article about 2 shows that absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to do with the C.S.I. Franchise? Neither GOLDEN BOY nor VEGAS are produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendolsohn or Anthony Zuiker. So you tell me, what purpose does it serve to report news on either of these shows? ICED which premiered in 2005, is still without Its full guest cast listed nearly 8 years since it first aired! I’m so fucking sick & tired of this site squandering Itself on productions which have nothing to do with any of the C.S.I.s.

  4. If you’re not satisfied with the content this site provides, then feel free to take a walk. You’re not obligated to be here, nor are you being held against your will. Time and time again you complain about what CSI Files offers–if it’s so bad, why continue to visit? Because you live for complaining and whining with FREE content?

    GOLDEN BOY and VEGAS may not be a part of the CSI franchise, but one of the shows did take over CSI: NY’s timeslot during a time when ratings WILL determine the show’s future. If GB or VEGAS underperform, then it could bode well for CSI: NY.

  5. Instead of this site being the library it could be, we worry about N0N-C.S.I. shows & I think CBS recognizes how fucked up it will be to deny C.S.I. NEW YORK A 10th Season as the original & MIAMI both made it to that flat number.

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