June 13 2024

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CBS Keeps ‘Golden Boy’ On Tuesday, Moves ‘Vegas’ To Friday

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CSI Files previously reported that CBS would fill CSI: New York’s Friday 9:00pm ET/PT timeslot with the new crime drama Golden Boy. However, the network has decided to switch things up, and Golden Boy will return to Tuesdays at 10:00pm ET/PT starting next week. CBS will shift the freshman drama Vegas to the Friday 9:00pm ET/PT slot on April 5, following the network’s coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

Source: The Futon Critic

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5 thoughts on “CBS Keeps ‘Golden Boy’ On Tuesday, Moves ‘Vegas’ To Friday

  1. Again CSIFILES misdirects Its focus AWAY from the franchise & onto BULLSHIT instead! GOLDEN BOY & VEGAS have absolutely nothing to do with the C.S.I. franchise & instead of reviewing episodes from the C.S.I. FRANCHISE, Shane Saunders & Rachel Trongo again shove their heads up their asses to highlight this! All of you are totally fucked in the head. Season 2 of the original C.S.I. is almost entirely non-reviewed, most of Season 2 of MIAMI is still untouched & you jerkoffs piss time away on NON C.S.I. show news. What the fucking fuck is wrong with you people?!

  2. ICED, UNLEASHED & almost all of the early episodes of all 3 shows still do not have their full guest casts listed but you decide to post articles like this, articles on shows not even produced by either Jerry Bruckheimer or Anthony Zuiker! You assholes really know how to fuck shit up!

  3. WHAT’S NEXT CSIFILES? An article about Mr. Wizard, HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS? I would not be surprised when I see this shit instead of reviews, work paid to the C.S.I. Franchise. I love watching you people prove my point for me. You squander your time on this stupid shit & BLOOD BROTHERS which introduced BOTH Clavo Cruz & Rick Stelter, IS UN-REVIEWED AFTER NEARLY 10 YEARS!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

  4. Something tells me you people are gonna piss away this summer as you have EVERY summer since 2003! You’re not gonna do any work, you instead will report Hill Harper in line at a coffeeshop or Slea Ward hosting a poetry reading but continue to do dick on the franchise.

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