Report: Sara To Take An ‘Interesting Turn,’ Residual Fallout For Nick On ‘CSI’


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is preparing for some heavy character development in the second stretch of Season Thirteen.

Sources close to the show tell CSI Files exclusively that Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), Nick Stokes (George Eads), and Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) will be dealing with some significant character development during the remainder of this season, and also potentially set the stage for a visit from returning characters.

“We want to more completely address the issue of Sara and Grissom; the challenge of that for her, certainly,” one source tells CSI Files. That particular storyline will gain traction in this season’s tenth episode, “Risky Business Class,” which is scheduled to air December 12. Ed star Josh Randall will appear (in what is being eyed as a recurring role) as a NTSB investigator that Sara previously worked with in San Francisco, the city she was employed in prior to joining Grissom’s (William Petersen) team in “Cool Change.” Randall’s Doug Wilson character comes at a time where Sara and Grissom’s marriage is going through a difficult and straining time, and mere seconds after the couple try yet again to connect on the phone. “We have big plans for Sara,” another source shares. “The audience is going to be very interested in a turn that she takes.” Though not able to elaborate on what direction the character will be taking, CSI Files has learned exclusively that Adam J. Harrington, who played Ronald Basderic in this season’s “Code Blue Plate Special,” will return and quite possibly reignite some of Sara’s anger and frustration seen earlier this year. “That’s going to be an interesting adventure.”

For Eads’ Nick Stokes, the CSI may now have a girlfriend (mentioned in “Play Dead”) but all may not be well on the professional side of his life. “Dealing with Nick’s character, there’s still residual from the impact of what happened with McKeen and Warrick’s son.” Adding, “I think that the emotional impact carrying through for him recommitting to the job and what his future will be.” Eads signed a new one-year contract in March of this year which means, should the show be renewed for a fourteenth season (steady ratings and a relatively consistent demo indicate it will, in fact, get a renewal), a new contract will have to be hammered out. Will Nick’s demons lead to a potential exit storyline for the actor should he not return? “We’re not anticipating him to go.”

This week’s installment, “Strip Maul,” will continue to delve into the rekindling of father and daughter Conrad Ecklie (Marc Vann) and Morgan Brody. What transpires in the episode will lead Morgan to get in touch with returning guest star Pamela Reed‘s Donna Hoppe, who educates Morgan (through an introduction by Doc Robbins) on the genealogical history of the Ecklie family. Though Morgan made a move on Hodges (Wallace Langham) earlier this year, the introduction of his fiancee in Episode Twelve’s “Double Fault” will set the stage for a new potential relationship on the horizon. “For Greg [Eric Szmanda], we’re going to explore him coming into his own more as a CSI and his relationship with Morgan,” a source teases.

“There are a number of things potentially to draw from as we go toward the end of the season. I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to follow through with. I’m fairly certain we’re not going to end with an abduction,” a source previews. Other prominent stories on the horizon include a high school reunion for a member of the CSI team and a CSI/CSI: NY crossover that delves into the world of wine auctioning. “There are two stories in that episode; one is centered on Mac Taylor [Gary Sinise] and Christine [Megan Dodds] and the other will be a murder mystery revolving around the high-end world of wine auctioning,” one sources shares on the February 6 Vegas portion. To fill the rest of the season out: an episode that has some Latin music flavor, an odd forensics murder mystery at an all-female poker tournament that has a unique murder weapon, and maybe another visit or two from some of CSI‘s iconic characters from the past. “There’s a possibility of a Lady Heather [Melinda Clarke] and Sofia Curtis [Louise Lombard], but the writers have stories they’re working on and it all depends on a case and story basis.”

Shane Saunders
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