CBS Schedules ‘CSI’ and ‘CSI: NY’ Crossover


The first ever CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: NY crossover is in the works, CSI Files has learned.

The two-part installment will air in early February. Discussions on the potential crossover have taken place over the past few months, with the production scheduling logistics the main concern. Those scheduling conflicts have been worked out. This marks the first direct crossover for CSI and NY, who have only shared a brief connection during the Trilogy event that took place with CSI, the now defunct CSI: Miami and CSI: NY during 2009.

Ted Danson (CSI‘s DB Russell) and Gary Sinise (NY‘s Mac Taylor) will be the two stars to crossover. The Las Vegas installment will air Wednesday, February 6 with Mac arriving in Vegas to surprise his girlfriend Christine (Megan Dodds), only to learn that she is now missing. With her hotel room a crime scene, Taylor teams up with Russell and the rest of the Vegas CSIs in an investigation that will bring Russell to NY on February 8. The case gets personal for Taylor as he wrestles with breaking police protocol in an effort to find the kidnappers and determine whether is girlfriend is still alive.

New co-executive producer Rick Eid will pen the Vegas portion, titled “In Vino Veritas,” which is episode thirteen. Louis Milito will direct the episode, which goes behind camera the first week in December.

Stay tuned to CSI Files as we find out more details…

Shane Saunders
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