‘It Was A Very Good Year’ Easter Eggs Revealed


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is set in Las Vegas, a city rich with culture and style. One of the pros to working on a show set in a city filled with amazing history is it provides the art department with new concepts and designs to delve into and explore, which is what art director Debra Wilbur took full advantage of in the most recent outing “It Was A Very Good Year.” In a scene that brought the CSIs to a historical guitar store, the location featured several nods to a few of the staff members from the writers’ room–writers’ PA Deanna Shumaker, script coordinator Jack Gutowitz (who wrote last season’s “Trends with Benefits”) and Michael Cano, who serves as executive producer Don McGill‘s assistant. Check out some photos from the incredible art department to see how their personalities were placed into the scene.

(Photo: Debra Wilbur)

(Photo: Jack Gutowitz)

(Photo: Debra Wilbur)

Shane Saunders
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