Check Out More ‘CSI’ Photos From Shelli Bergh


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has spent most of this week filming on location in Las Vegas, taking a break from their Los Angeles-based Universal Studios home. While the third episode of the season aired just two days ago, filming for the show’s ninth episode, “Strip Maul,” started production in Sin City at locations that include Fremont Street Experience and The Strip. Shelli Bergh continues to share photos with CSI Files, which you can find after the jump. She’s sent over some fantastic shots from the past two days that are definitely worth checking out!

Writer Christopher Barbour. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Director Alec Smight steps in front of the camera. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Marc Vann poses while taking a break. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Director Alec Smight and George Eads go over a scene. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

A bird's eye view of filming on 'CSI.' (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Wallace Langham poses for a photo while wrapping filming on 'CSI On Fire.' (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Elisabeth Harnois and Marc Vann film one of their Las Vegas scenes. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Director Alec Smight (tan shirt) and writer Christopher Barbour (right) discuss a scene. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Treasure in the trash: Jorja Fox takes a break from filming. (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

A dolly shot stages the scene for 'Strip Maul.' (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

Shelli Bergh (center) puts the show in 'showgirls.' (Photo: Shelli Bergh)

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