May 28 2024

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Brian Van Holt Visits ‘CSI’

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Julie Finlay (Elisabeth Shue) is about to get a blast from her past, as Brian Van Holt has been cast as her ex-husband. Spoilers after the jump!

Van Holt will make his first appearance in this season’s eighth episode, “CSI On Fire,” which is focused on the case that got Finlay fired in Seattle. He’ll play Captain Robinson; confident, charming and charismatic, a real guy’s guy. Robinson knows Finlay’s back in Seattle to cause trouble for a man linked to the bodies in a Nevada mass grave. Robinson has learned to handle Finlay delicately while still maintaining control, and though he admires her tenacity, he’s wary of her hot-headedness. Robinson works side by side with Finlay to bring in serial killer Tom, and in the process it’s clear the two still have feelings for each other. The episode will air November 21.

Previously cast in the episode are Sarah Joy Brown and Dylan Walsh. In 2009, Van Holt guest-starred on CSI: Miami, and has an ongoing role on Cougar Town.

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