‘Code Blue Plate Special’ & ‘2,918 Miles’ Official Details


This week’s episodes feature dead bodies at the CSIs’ favorite diner, and a case with ties to San Francisco. Official plot details and cast lists can be found after the jump.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation investigates a tragedy at a popular hangout in “Code Blue Plate Special” on Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/PT:

The CSIs arrive at their favorite diner only to discover a gruesome crime scene with eight dead victims and a lot of questions.

This is the ninth directing credit for Executive Producer Louis Milito, whose previous episodes include last season’s “Trends With Benefits”. This is the first writing credit for Co-Executive Producer Andrew Dettman.

The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

  • Marc Vann as Conrad Ecklie
  • Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Arye Gross as Vincent DeMarcus
  • Matt Hoffman as Owen DeMarcus
  • Willam Belli as Dahlia
  • Del Hunter-White as Connie (Bus Driver)
  • Adrian Quinonez as Alex Brenner
  • Yves Bright as Rob Rios
  • Jean Louisa Kelly as Sheila DeMarcus
  • Adam J. Harrington as Ronald Basderic
  • Monnae Michaell as Deputy Marshal Karen Taylor
  • Larry Sullivan as Officer Akers
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly as Officer Metcalfe
  • Elizabeth Bogush as Eddie
  • Dominick Morra as Older Man
  • Ann Benson as Older Woman

Marc Vann, Larry Mitchell, Larry Sullivan and Joseph Patrick Kelly are reprising established recurring roles. Arye Gross previously appeared in “Feeling the Heat” during season four, and he also guest-starred in the CSI: New York episode “Admissions” during the show’s fourth season. Del Hunter-White was in season one’s “Blood Drops”. Monnae Michaell appeared in the season two episode “Burden of Proof”, and she was also in the CSI: Miami episode “Come as You Are” during season five. Matt Hoffman (“Some Buried Bones”) and Willam Belli (“The Lying Game”) have appeared on New York. Adrian Quinonez was in “The Deep” during CSI: NY’s fourth season, and he guest-starred in the Miami episode “Mayday” during season nine. Adam J Harrington has also appeared on both New York (“Vacation Getaway”) and Miami (“Mayday”). Jean Louisa Kelly guest-starred in “Stoned Cold” during the ninth season of Miami. The other actors are new to the franchise.

On Friday, CSI: New York heads to the City by the Bay in “2,918 Miles” at 8:00pm ET/PT:

Evidence found in photos at a crime scene on the Brooklyn Bridge send Mac and Jo to San Francisco in search of a missing teenage girl.

Co-Executive Producer Vikki Williams has directed two previous episodes of New York, most recently last season’s “Who’s There”. “2,918 Miles” was written by Co-Executive Producer Trey Callaway, who has 16 credits for the series; his latest episode was season eight’s “The Ripple Effect”.

The following actors and actresses will appear in guest-starring roles:

  • Natalie Martinez as Detective Jamie Lovato
  • Sydney Park as Ellie Danville
  • Peter Horton as Cade Conover
  • Trent Garrett as Oliver Epps
  • Christina Scherer as Mary Portico
  • Rebecca Lowman as Sybil Portico
  • Blake Robbins as Jimmy Portico
  • Jullian Dulce Vida as Boyd Hackman
  • Colton Shires as Jordan Parr
  • Seidy G Lopez as Harried Mother
  • Erwin Stone as Rastafarian
  • Sean Harmon as Ethan Grohl

Natalie Martinez is back as Detective Jamie Lovato. Sydney Park was last seen as Jo Danville’s adopted daughter Ellie in season seven’s “Identity Crisis”. Rebecca Lowman appeared in the Miami episode “At Risk” during the show’s tenth season, Jullian Dulce Vida was in season seven’s “Tipping Point”, and Colton Shires guest-starred in the season three episode “Lost Son”. Seidy G Lopez appeared in the CSI episode “Fannysmackin'” during the show’s seventh season. The other actors are new to the franchise.

“Code Blue Plate Special” and “2,918 Miles” begin airing October 10 on CBS.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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