June 13 2024

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La Rue Responds To ‘Miami’ Cancellation

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Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) was out of town when it was announced that CSI: Miami was cancelled, but she posted a tweet this weekend responding to the news:

I’m heartbroken for the loss of the incredible 7 years I had with my CSI Miami family,like being punched in the belly hearing the news.

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5 thoughts on “La Rue Responds To ‘Miami’ Cancellation

  1. It was exactly like that for your fans as well. Did you get a wrap-up party or a chance to say good-bye and good luck to each other? I’ll bet not. So many of us feel CBS disrespected the fans by ending in this limp way. Shame on them, but thank you, Eva, and all the cast members for your devotion and dedication to this remarkable addition to the CSI experience. We’ll remember this show for many years to come.

  2. Likewise Eva. As Karen said ealier, many of us fans felt that CBS disrespected the fans by not giving CSI:Miami a greater send off. This show has entertained us in many ways and has become part of our own lives, and if it had to end, all the cast members and the fans deserved a much better ending for us to hold in our memories of a great show than we were given. However, I will remember this show forever, and I wish you and all the other cast members happiness and success wherever you all go from here.

  3. While I totally agree with karen and margaret I too felt disrespected & hurt & haertbroken beyond repair. I believe we got screwed! While I will miss it trumendously all I can think about is how hurt Im am. My heart will never fell or be the same. Every time I watch repeats of csi miami I can’t stop thinking about wat cbs did to us. I will ALWAYS remember and NEVER 4get csi miami. A big part of my life is now gone, along with my dad.

  4. I agree as well..the least they could do is give it a well-off finale….like the one that says they will still be fighting crime with passion..and stuff like that..although i haven’t seen the series finale cos it hasn’t been airing here in Aus. I think that is what they should do..

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