June 13 2024

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Tassler: It Was A Tough Choice

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CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler explained the decision to cancel CSI: Miami at the CBS upfronts on Wednesday morning. The network had to choose between Miami and fellow spinoff CSI: New York, and Tassler said budgets and ratings were not the deciding factor. “They were very close, looking at them forensically, they were very close,” she revealed.

“It was a very tough choice,” Tassler said. It ultimately came down to which series was a better fit for the new CBS schedule; CSI: NY’s New York setting helped make the decision, allowing the network to have three hours of Big Apple-based programming on Friday nights. “We liked the idea of moving The Mentalist to Sundays,” Tassler explained, and it “made more sense to keep CSI: NY in its original timeslot.” As CSI Files previously reported, New York has been moved to 8:00pm ET/PT on Fridays, and the new series Made in Jersey will take over the 9:00pm ET/PT timeslot leading into Blue Bloods at 10:00pm ET/PT.

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13 thoughts on “Tassler: It Was A Tough Choice

  1. That’s BS that it wasn’t about money. There’s no way – Miami was doing better than NY despite the terrible time slot. Wouldn’t CBS want to be more DIVERSE rather than have basically the same shows back-to back-to back. Seems stupid to me. Oh, and one of the shows isn’t even based in the “Big Apple” – it’s in New Jersey. Just tell it like it is, CBS – fans don’t believe bogus and lame excuses. BAD AND WRONG DECISION TO CANCEL MIAMI.

  2. Not about the $$$? Not likely! Don’t forget that Nina used this same (tired) line back in 2008 to explain why A.J. Cook was dumped unceremoniously from Criminal Minds. The irony is that Miami has been nominated for this year’s Monte Carlo Televison Award in the Best International Audience category – and it’s in a three way race with CSI and CSI:NY.

    And the network’s idea of a replacement is “Elementary”? News flash Nina – there’s already a 21st century Sherlock Holmes reboot on the air, the BBC’s excellent “Sherlock”. The latter is witty, intelligent and doesn’t rely on the lame gimmick of a female Dr. Watson.

  3. So CBS cancel a show just because it’s not set in the right state? Who are you kidding? I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my whole life! If you’re going to cancel such a worldwide hit, at least have the balls to tell the truth about the real reason for cancelling it. And have a little respect for the show’s fans – we’re not stupid, and don’t appreciate being lied to.

  4. This is beyond “stupid”…don’t give this crap about TOUGH CHOICE. They get a ton of new shows each season and then cancel them. It’s all about the money. It’s CBS’s loss for not renewing Miami.

  5. YES,YES,YES!!! I AGREE!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! CBS telling the truth & having balls & showing respect for the show’s fans?! Are you kidding me?! the ONLY thing they care about is sitting on their ASSES and making money!!! And I for one DONT like being lied to either!!! Thank you Magdalen2407! I feel you; figuretively speaking.

  6. Nina tassler doesn’t know wat a REAL television show is until she watches it!!!

  7. it wasn’t a tough choice for you all…that’s a lie and you know it. They’re disrespecting the fans more by not being upfront and just telling us the truth. It’s bad enough that you out right cancelled it without a proper goodbye, but then you want to pull this crap to make us sympathize with you. I’m sorry CBS, but until you make this right by the fans, I’ll never watch CBS again. Ten years!!! They deserved better than that!

  8. What a stupid reason, I don´t believe it, this lady doesn´t respect the fans, doesn´t respect the show either, my question is, how many shows have 10 seasons?,How many shows are as popular as CSIMiami? It is a disaster.

  9. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL CSI: Miami!!!!!!

    Come on CBS! Give the fans who have been with this show from the beginning some RESPECT! It is the ONLY one-hour drama I watch! I am in my early 40s, my husband in his 30s and my father is 70–we ALL LOVE this show!!! CSI: Miami is THE BEST show on TV–especially the best CSI show & the best thing on CBS! The actors, writing, characters, storylines and cinematography are all beyond the scale of ANYTHING that’s on been on TV in the past 10 years! There are SO MANY other shows on your network that SHOULD be cancelled–NOT CSI: MIAMI!!! Your moving it around was its downfall– I never knew when it was on, and had to search for it on cable. Put it on another network, or AT LEAST give the fans one final season to tie up open-ended storylines & to culminate the long-awaited union of Calleigh & Eric! PLEASE BRING BACK CSI: MIAMI!

  10. Sad that Miami has been cancelled because it is my SECOND favourite. However I am very happy New York has stayed on as it is definitely the best. To be honest, I don’t really understand why Las Vegas is so famous the setting is always to dark and boring!

  11. they could have canned CSI Vegas and put Miami in it’s place. I’m tired of the nonsense excuses. CBS promised so much for season 10 and then yanked the rug out from under us because they knew all along they were maneuvering to can Miami. They started with the move to Sunday night taking it from where it reigned king on Monday night primetime – the WORST decision in the world leaving it prey to late start times due to freaking football!! This was the kiss of death and CBS knew it! I said elsewhere – I’ll say it again – CBS insulted the viewers and the actors who held true for 10 seasons and there was plenty more to do – at least to give us a full FINAL season if the case may be. CBS owes us big time and no matter what is on, I will NOT be watching CBS. I might be one viewer but you will not be making any money off my viewing time. Sorry CSI NY – I’ll have to catch you guys on the flip side as I boycott CBS.

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