July 21 2024

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1 thought on “Watch ‘Rest In Pieces’ Online

  1. I watched the episode on sunday & I usually get wats going on in them but, for the life of me this one I didnt. First they pointed the finger @ estaban then they blamed diego ( the father of estaban) when calliegh mentioned to horatio that they had the wrong guy; now @ the end of it all diego landed in the hospital & horatio wanted vina ( the mother to diego and grandmother to estaban) to turn herself in?! Im so confused now as to who is really to blame. And ryan wolfe was in the last 20 mintues of the eppy? I was truly disappointed about that. I wanted to see more of him. I got frustrated waiting for him to appear. But, @ least his sexy scense of humor and his unbearably good looks made up for it. Oh btw, two other good things about this; natalia’s back! Yah! And sam was NOT in it! Im reeeally hoping the last 3 episodes are gonna be surprisingly good. Lots of ryan wolfe… in a good way I hope.

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