June 13 2024

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‘Miami’ Explores The Future For Calleigh & Delko

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Tonight’s episode of CSI: Miami, “Law & Disorder”, finds Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) looking toward the future, and fans will get a glimpse of what might be in store for her and Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez). Spoilers after the jump!

“Law & Disorder” is the penultimate episode of Miami’s tenth season, and Calleigh makes a big decision. Austin North (Ty Panitz) first appeared in the season ten premiere, “Countermeasures”, when he expressed the desire to live with Calleigh instead of going into the foster care system. She crossed paths with him again in last week’s episode, “At Risk”, and the latest encounter with the little boy makes Calleigh think about her future. She decides that she would like to adopt Austin and his sister. “[It’s] really a modern woman’s problem,” Procter told TV Line. “I think Calleigh’s probably starting to notice she’s always in the lab, she just only works.”

The relationship between Calleigh and Eric will also get some development this week. “[W]hen I find out what’s happening, I offer to take on that responsibility with Calleigh—if she wants me to,” Rodriguez explained. He added, “There’s no marriage proposal—yet. But it’s definitely along the lines of, ‘I’m willing to commit to taking this on with you, if you want me to.'”

The full interview is available on TV Line

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11 thoughts on “‘Miami’ Explores The Future For Calleigh & Delko

  1. yeah I watched tonight’s episode and I have to admit I was disappointed on the Eric and Calleigh front she said she was going to do it alone, how is that good news for one of my favorite couples I don’t see it, I mean if they were going to get back together how come its hasn’t happened already. I’m beginning to think its not gonna happen this season and it’s really bugging me, I was the producers would just hurry up with it or just end it between I wish they would make up their minds.

  2. who was the old white haired male actor, he looks so familiar, like he was a villian actor in the past ?

  3. I believe you’re referring to Malcom McDowell. He’s been in a ton of TV shows, and he first appeared on Miami during the season eight episode “LA”.

  4. No, you’re right, I forgot they first mentioned (and technically did show) Austin and his sister in “Mayday” last season. But it was just a brief appearance when the kids hugged Randy after they were taken away, and Austin was really ‘introduced’ (not to mention aged up) in “Countermeasures”.

  5. Austin and his sister are from the guy that locked up Natalia and shot Horatio the end of last season…

  6. I just wish the writers would decide about the future of Cal and Eric already rather than playing cat and mouse for 3 seasons and not stopping :/

  7. please i am just so dying to see you two go out in season 10!!!i am a big fan for both of you.

  8. im just so excited about them getting together…………juge fans ya’ll…..i just LOVE Eric Delko (Adam Rodrigez)……even his character in Magic Mike…..Hot Hot!…………:)

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