July 21 2024

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2 thoughts on “‘Miami’ Delayed For Some Viewers Tonight

  1. Tired of CSI being pushed back for sports/amazing race,and others… move to another timeslot! I’ve already removed the schedule from my DVR. I’ll just watch it online ‘someday’.

  2. With all do respect if your a fan of the show it shouldnt matter what time it comes on you should make an effort to STILL watch it. I DO! If it ever did get pushed back where im from (montana) I’ll do watever it tkes to STILL wacth it. If it came on later I’d watch it. If it came on early I’d watch it. If they re-air it on a different day and time, yep; I’d STILL watch it. Thats wat a devoted fan does to support ther favorite show. Im just saying. IMO.

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