June 14 2024

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CBS Renews ‘CSI’ For Season 13

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According to Deadline.com, CBS has renewed 18 series for the 2012-2013 season, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. These early renewals do not include CSI: Miami or CSI: New York, but this does not automatically mean those shows will be cancelled. CBS will make a decision about the spinoffs in the coming months.

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26 thoughts on “CBS Renews ‘CSI’ For Season 13

  1. I really hope both CSI NY and CSI Miami return for another season love all of the CSI franchise

  2. I hope CSI NY will be renewed. I’m a big fan. I hope it come back soon.

  3. I hope they renew csi miami coz thats the ONLY show I reeeally do watch. I look forward to it EVERY sunday!!! If and this is a BIG if they dont I probably wont watch tv @ all anymore. If the issue is the money how are they able to afford to keep csi vegas on for nearly 13 seasons but they’re struggling with csi miami and ny? So if im not mistaken they’re gonna end miami by having calleigh adopt two kids with the help of eric and horatio’s team gets broken apart and a csi gets reassigned and ryan poor guy; god knows wat?!!! THATS TOTAL BS!!! They have to continue csi miami so we can find out wat happens next. O and plus NO reruns of csi miami during the long summer hiatus?!!! Now thats just adding insult to injury. I still can’t wrap my head around that this is happening. How in the world is csi ( the original) even remotely better then miami? Its’s bad enough we have to wait 6 months for the premiere if they’re is one. Now we have to wait a few MORE months to find out if it will be renewed?!!! Csi miami keeps me sane and it helps me get thru the rest of my week. They take it off thats it! I know some shows dont last forever I understand that but, if cbs can afford to keep csi ( the vegas one ) on the air they can keep csi miami on @ least until maybe hopfully season 12. Ive been watching it since 2003 and it will NEVER be the same withOUT IT!!! And Im sure im NOT the only fan of csi miami out there who feels the same! So PLEASE forgive me for expressing my opinion.

  4. Please do not cancel any CSI shows! My family just LOVE these shows with these charactors in them. It would really be a shame for these shows to disapear or replaced. TX

  5. I hope CBS will renew CSI Miami This is a great show and I enjoy watching it every week It comes in first in all the CSI movies

  6. I want to see a Psych/CSI crossover, but that could never happen. They are owned by different networks, take place in neighboring states, and are filmed a thousand miles apart. Despite that, I can’t wait for the new seasons of both shows! They are my favorites!

  7. IKR I LOVE IT SOO DAMN MUCH!!! I cried all night when i watched the finale and found out they think it wont get renewed. I’m not jokeing! SO sad!!! Best show ever.

  8. II Love csi miami i want it renewed more than anything. I am THE biggest fane in the world. i watch it everyday. I always think about it i have seen every episode at least twice i own the seasons on DVD i cried when i found out it was just on the bubble and i LOVE ERIC SOOO MUCH!!! I WANNNA MARRY HIM HE SO SEXY!! I used to write poems bout how much i love the show for school and when my evil LA teacher said to stop i found a way around it! If you cancel it im sure Horatio will get his revenge! hehe. How the F did castle get a better chance of renewal then this Castle is retarted it isnt about the crime drama its about to lameo cops falling in love! I hate it they alread copied a epsiode from csi miami the (season 9 finale) Its just stupid! HOW DID IT BEAT THE WORLDS BEST SHOW? I LOVE CSI MIAMI PLEASE DONT CANCEL ITS THE ONLY THING PEOPLE LOOK FOWARD TOOO

  9. Most likely in September. They haven’t made an official announcement about the exact dates yet, but we’ll post about it when they do. 🙂

  10. I need CSI BACK ASAP I want to know id Russell saves the day 🙂 UKS BIGGEST FAN

  11. The reason is because csi: crime seen investigation is more popular than the other two so if they were to do that to the others they would go bankrupt but the origional csi makes them slot of money so if they were to keep the others on then they would be wasting their money because think abut it they have to pay the actors and the camera crew and the people who own the set so they can’t just waste their money on something that won’t make them as much if not more like the origional csi sorry

  12. CBS hasn’t announced the fall premiere dates yet, so we don’t know for sure. 🙂

  13. csi crime scene investigation is the best of all. The others are just imitations and are not doing so well either.

  14. I love.love csi las vegas cant wait 4 S13 to start &love
    Csi new york n csi miami plz dnt cancel big fan from ireland

  15. I agree I love DON FLACK and although I loved CSI MIAMI too and I like CSI my favorite is and always will be CSI NY. I also love Danny and Lindsay. Please bring back CSI NY and cancel CSI. CSI NY made TV worth watching.

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