‘NY’ Plans Potential Romance For Mac Taylor


CSI Files’ Shane Saunders gets the scoop from CSI: New York executive producers Pam Veasey and Zachary Reiter about a potential new love interest entering Mac Taylor’s life.

After concluding a three-episode arc shedding light on Jo Danville’s (Sela Ward) past, CSI: NY will soon begin another multi-episode storyline, this time for Gary Sinises Mac Taylor.

“There’s an arc specifically related to Mac and a new old friend he reconnects with,” Co-Executive Producer Trey Callaway tells CSI Files. But does reconnecting with an old friend mean love is on the horizon for the head of the New York Crime Lab? “Some potential chemistry [is] involved there romantically,” Callaway teases.

Co-Showrunner Zachary Reiter, sitting next to his partner-in-crime Pam Veasey–taking a break from writing her snow-focused Episode 15–is able to share a bit more. “Having started the season in “Indelible” with him feeling like he put a chapter of his life to bed to some extent and letting go, we were hoping at the back-end of the season we would pay that off with him being open to finding love,” the former state’s attorney reveals. “How quickly and how far that develops, we’ll see, but we certainly want to have that character walk off and feel like ‘I’m a bit of a different person now’ should this series end.”

Though her episode won’t air until February at the earliest, Veasey is able to provide some information on her time-traveling episode with CSI Files. “I’m always fascinated with history and cold cases, like the Black Dahlia case,” the NY vet says. “We create a case in New York City that has that kind of history and notoriety in our story.”

“[The script] is due Thursday, can you help me?” she asks with a laugh.

Well, Pam, that sounds like an offer we can’t turn down.


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