July 20 2024

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Check Out More ‘CSI’, ‘Miami’ & ‘CSI:NY’ Set Pics

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The cast and crew of all three CSI series shared a total of 12 images on Twitter, and you can find them embedded after the jump!

First, check out some CSI: Crime Scene Investigation pictures. Co-Producer Phil Conserva shared an image of Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody). Director and Line Producer Frank Waldeck posed with Location Manager Paul Wilson and “Chilly”. Finally, take a peek at a pic Harnois posted while filming on location. Click to see each image full-sized!

A beautiful windy night on location.  Love it! on Twitpic

Supervising Producer Brian Davidson shared four images from the set of CSI: Miami. The first picture features Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe). The second image includes Omar Miller (Walter Simmons) alongside Line Producer Marco Black. Davidson also posted a picture of the crew watching a monitor, including Director Sylvain White and Director of Photography Darren Genet. Finally, check out a pic of Script Coordinator and writer Robert Hornak:

CSI: New York actor Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) posted a picture of himself with a fake lion. He also shared an image of the crew. Finally, check out two pictures of the cast—including Sinise, Sela Ward (Jo Danville) and Eddie Cahill (Don Flack)—filming on these steps. Set designer Will Batts shared the last image:

shooting steps on Twitpic

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  1. Since I do not know where to put this question I will ask it here. Why is there not a season 12 listed separately on the episode guide page? The list of season 12 episodes are listed at the end of season ll as a continuation of that season.

  2. There was a glitch when we added the new seasons to the guide. It will hopefully be fixed at some point, but all of the episodes are still being added – and they all have the proper episode number, so that helps eliminate some of the confusion until season 12 is separated.

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