TNT Casts ‘Scent Of The Missing’, Mendelsohn Sells 6 More Projects


Eric Winter has joined the cast of Scent of the Missing, the drama series executive produced by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation EP Carol Mendelsohn, which has been given a pilot order from TNT. The series previously cast Tricia Helfer in the lead role, and Gerald McRaney plays her father.

In addition to Missing, Mendelsohn recently sold six projects to CBS, CW and FX. (More info can be found after the jump!)

Mendelsohn’s production company sold three dramas to CBS. CSI Files previously mentioned two of them, Two Badges and the recently-named Widow Detective, and the third is called The Murder Room. Based on a book by Michael Capuzzo, Murder Room tells the true story of three men—an FBI investigator, a forensic artist and a profiler—who form a team bent on solving the world’s most difficult crimes.

The CW picked up two supernatural series from Mendelsohn, Unearthly and The Hollows. Unearthly, based on the book by Cynthia Hand, centers around a girl who realizes that she is destined to become an angel. Hollows is based on Kim Harrison’s bestselling urban fantasy series, which focuses on a witch who works as a private investigator, helping local law enforcement agencies solve crimes.

FX bought the sixth series, Throwdown Gun. The project centers around a white cop and a black cop, who work together to cover up a violent crime. Their actions have major consequences for race relations in Los Angeles.

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Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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