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On Wednesday the 19th of October, Elisabeth HarnoisΒ (Morgan Brody) took part in a live chat session with CSI Files visitors, during which she answered questions about her character, Halloween pranks on the CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationΒ setΒ and many more. Below you can find a transcript of the entire chat.

Shane Saunders: Good evening! Welcome to our SIXTH CSI Files chat, featuring the lovely Elisabeth Harnois. Elisabeth joined “CSI” as a series regular this season and we are glad to have her with us tonight.

Elisabeth Harnois: Hello guys!

Saunders: Tonight’s chat will be moderated by both Rachel Trongo, news editor for CSI Files, and myself.

Saunders: I’m going to start things off this evening. Elisabeth, you were at work today, correct? What episode are you guys currently working on?

Harnois: I was at work today. It was a blast because the entire CSI team was in the first scene, but the hair trailer was crazy this morning.

Harnois: This episode has been fun. it is called “Crime after Crime” great title

Question from dizzney: Since you mentioned Hair, who in the cast is most picky about their hair?

Harnois: Oh gosh, hair? Im not gonna out anyone, so ill just say me.

Harnois: no one in the cast is that hair or makeup obsessed. pretty low key

Question from trekkiepirate: I’d like to know if there’s been any spooky pranks this month?

Harnois: No spooky pranks as of yet. But if anyone wanted to, we have every possible thing imaginable at our disposal. I wanna drive home in the commuter lane on the 405 freeway with last weeks body

Harnois: Now im thinking aout it. I wanted ot ask our special effects make-up team for a prosthetic for Halloween. Need suggestions

Saunders: Maybe throw on a cap and dress up as Ecklie? πŸ˜‰

Saunders: Tonight’s episode is a big one for Morgan. Did you do your own stunts in this episode?

Harnois: I am very excited about tonights episode

Harnois: It was a very challenging one to shoot and it felt like we were on a huge movie set.

Harnois: the effects and set design are great

Question from dizzney: Are you feeling comfortable in Morgan’s shoes? How much is she like you or not?

Harnois: the writers figured me out quickly.

Harnois: I love playing Morgan because she is strong and willfull, and smart. But I joke that her road rage and daddy issues are a little too close to home πŸ™‚

Saunders: How far in advance did you find out you’d be thrown around in a helicopter?

Harnois: I found out when i got the script. I have to admit, we werent allowed to go up in the helicopter. But the recreation on stage was perfect and to scale so it was very tight quarters to shoot in

Harnois: re-creation

Harnois: i meant

Harnois: I got my lip busted with the barrel of a gun and my knee cap as well. I felt bad-ass

Saunders: Like having a new member of Charlie’s Angels!

Harnois: I did all the stunts, I think. but who knows what they shot after i wrapped for the night….

Question from trekkiepirate: I’d like to know if Morgan’s going to have a romance on the horizon?

Harnois: Im not sure about romance….it seems that those developments come as quickly and as much of a surprise to the cast as they do to you guys….

Saunders: You teased last month that there might be a love triangle coming up. Does that pertain to Morgan or is there something going on for other characters?

Harnois: the romance answer would be too much of a spoiler, no?

Saunders: not at all! πŸ˜‰

Harnois: There is a little bit of romantic curiosity boiling under the surface for Morgan and a couple guys on the show…but im still not sure of the end result,

Question from emmm: Are Ted, Eric, George, Marg and Jorja much like their characters and was it difficult or easy to gel with such a developed and seasoned cast?

Harnois: I would say im still getting to know them all. I can say Ted is always a dose of humor and light on the show as well as in life. He always has us laughing. And George is hilarious too

Harnois: It is always a little scary to join a new group, especially one thats been together for 12 years, but these guys have been very welcoming and its helped to have Ted in the same boat πŸ™‚

Question from dizzney: So who have you worked with most at this point in time? Or has it been pretty equal with everyone?

Harnois: It has been pretty equal with everyone. Maybe a little bit more with Eric and Ted

Saunders: Morgan and Catherine haven’t worked together too much at this point; will things improve?

Saunders: Err, not improve, but will screentime between the two increase?

Harnois: I saw improve and got confused πŸ™‚ There is more to come with Catherine. I really enjoy working with Marg and any chance i can get i will take. But yes, it will “improve” as you say.

Saunders: Bad phrasing on my part, apologies. πŸ˜‰

Harnois: No! I was teasing…i understand what you meant

Saunders: No worries, I just won’t deliver those Parks and Recreation DVDs now! πŸ˜‰

Harnois: What?! I want my Parks and Rec…you better!

Question from emmm: Will we be seeing Morgan interact with more of the lab techs and other characters throughout the season, as I can see some funny scenes between her and characters such as Hodges and Henry

Harnois: Yes indeed! I have already had the opportunity to spar with Hodges…some of that is coming up soon. Wally is cracks me up with his delivery. we had a good one just last week.

Question from trekkiepirate: What’s been your favourite part of working on CSI so far?

Harnois: My favorite part of working on this show so far has been everything ive had to learn to prepare, shooting, autopsy, etc

Harnois: but also working with this cast.

Harnois: this is an awesome gig for many reasons, too many to list

Question from Weird-O: Were you a fan of the show before you joined the cast?

Harnois: I was a fan before. Thats why it was kinds surreal to join. I hadnt seen it since Petersen days, but i was a fan

Saunders: What’s your favorite thing to do during your downtime on set?

Harnois: my favorite thing to do with my free time is chatting online….

Harnois: no! but this is fun.. I love to cook, I love to read…Im a big movie buff so I watch a lot of movies, new and old

Harnois: snowboarding is my biggest hobby this time of year, so any time im not working you might find me in Big Bear

Saunders: I love to skii!

Harnois: Bring me the DVD’s on the mountain…I actually got engaged while snowboarding

Saunders: I am thinking a snowboarding/skii session might be in order!

Question from Weird-O: Have you or Ted been hazed by any of the veteran cast members since joining the show?

Harnois: Just early calltimes and chocolate bars in my toilet, but nothing crazy

Saunders: Although William Petersen has not filmed a guest spot at this time, has he stopped by set and visited with you guys this season?

Harnois: If William Ptersen has stopped by i havent seen him. I am hoping it will happen soon.

Question from dizzney: I’ve seen you on Twitter with some pets. How many do you have? The bunny is adorable.

Harnois: I have 3 dogs two birds and the rabbit. I guess hoarding animals is my other hobby.

Harnois: Two of my dogs have cones on their heads right now so they just keep walking into me

Harnois: I wanna have a rescue someday but my man might leave me πŸ™‚

Saunders: This season of “CSI” has really put some new life into the show and clearly the show will live for some more time. Ted’s contract is for one season so far, would that be the case with you as well?

Harnois: I will be around as long as they will have me

Harnois: The show has new life and I was really excited to see the New York Times review of the season. We got an A…and they are a tough crowd.

Saunders: Can you share a bit about the episode you’re working right now?

Harnois: The current episode is very clever. It has a bit of a

Harnois: Cold Case element to it. Three different storylines intersect in a very unlikely way and it forces the CSI team against their own kind a bit

Harnois: I feel like I have to speak in riddles cause im so scared of spoilers

Saunders: Spoil too much and there might be a “CSI Down” sequel. πŸ˜‰

Harnois: exactly

Question from trekkiepirate: Do you ever stumble over some of the medical terminology?

Harnois: I can stumble on any terminology on a bad day πŸ™‚ But the medical isnt too bad for me. I palyed a trauma surgeon not too long ago so some of it stuck

Harnois: I watched an ep of Top Model where the models were auditioning for CSI. anyone see that?

Saunders: We did! Anthony and Robert…

Harnois: just curious. They gave those girls ridiculous terms. I laughed so hard cause I thought, shot, if I had to audition with that material im not sure i would be cast

Harnois: shit, not shot

Saunders: How is the mood on set lately now that Marg’s final episode is coming up?

Harnois: Regarding Marg, We are just having a good time. I saw Jorja give Marg a big long hug today for no reason at all.

Saunders: Awww.

Harnois: it was sweet cause Marg said, “what was that for?” and Jorja said, “just cause you are huggable”……I think that says it all.

Harnois: Im still hoping she stays πŸ™‚

Saunders: Have you tried to convert them to Twitter? Jorja has been pretty firm with not joining…

Harnois: I have not tried to convert them to Twitter. It took a long time for me to warm up to it, so im not gonna push it on anyone else. Im old fashioned, so I get her reluctance

Saunders: You saw who was joining, correct? Grant Show, Matt Lauria…

Harnois: Joining what? Twitter?

Saunders: CSI! πŸ˜‰

Harnois: Ha! whaaaaaat?!

Saunders: News broke yesterday that they’d be in multiple episodes…

Question from Visitor_28464: What is a typical day like shooting an episode of CSI?

Harnois: I don’t think there is a typical day on CSI. Every day for me has been different accept that it usually starts with a frantic drive accross town, a breakfast burrito, and some very well scheduled and maintained shoot hours. They have it down to a science on this show πŸ™‚

Harnois: We laugh a lot, which is often an odd thing to see as we stand over the bloody dead.

Saunders: We’re going to wrap things up so we can let you get to your evening! Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Harnois: I hope you guys enjoy the show. I got the crap kicked out of me on this one. i hope i get the crap kicked out of me again soon, cause this ep was a blast

Saunders: We can’t wait to see it! The fans love you on the show and you have been a wonderful addition.

Harnois: I also have to say that i feel really lucky (crying now….just so you have a visual)

Harnois: to be a part of this show and thanks to those CSI fans who like Morgan..

Saunders: That concludes this evening’s CSI Files chat with Elisabeth Harnois! Thank you so much for carving some time out of your schedule to stop by. We’re going to remove moderation so you all can say goodbye and wish Elisabeth well!

Harnois: Bye guys, I wasn’t being cynical by the way…i was just starting to sound a bit cheesy so had to get it in check. I really am crying…

Saunders: Tears are a-ok!

Rachel Trongo: Thanks for coming into our prehistoric chatroom to talk with us! πŸ˜€

Saunders: A chat transcript will make its way to the site later this week…

Harnois: It wasnt too prehistoric….its pretty much the same as the last time i was in a chatroom. Not sure if thats an indictment of you or me.

Trongo: Haha! Yes, it’s old but it gets the job done. πŸ˜‰

Trongo: Thanks to everyone for coming in and sending us questions. Sorry if we didn’t get to any you might have sent me.

Harnois: Thanks so much for having me. Thanks Rachel and Shane. Shane, ski trip to come!

Saunders: No thanks needed–major props to Elisabeth who agreed to chat with us tonight. I, personally speaking, really enjoy Elisabeth/Morgan on the show–this was a joy.

Saunders: Yes, talk soon!

Harnois: Im on Twitter so feel free to ak me q’s there too if you didnt get yours’ answered.

Saunders: – follow her. πŸ™‚

Harnois: thank you Shane. ok bye already!!!!!!!

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