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As CSI Files previously reported, Executive Producers Pam Veasey and Zachary Reiter participated in the CBS Fall Premiere chat tonight, September 16, and they offered some information about CSI: New York’s upcoming eighth season. Spoilers after the jump!

New York was in danger of being cancelled after season seven, but Veasey and Reiter aren’t looking at season eight as the final year. “Not planning this as a final season – we never make that plan, we just plan to keep the audience riveted,” they explained on Twitter. “Excited by Friday night and our new lead in [A Gifted Man]. We never plan that way. Even if we find ourselves in same situation.”

At the end of season seven, Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) got a promotion, and that will spell changes for him and wife Lindsay (Anna Belknap). “Danny will be a sergeant when we return and it will mean things the audience will be surprised by,” the producers said. “Danny runs into a few conflicts in his promotion… after that, their relationship is working, Lucy is healthy, but job is a conflict. After that we’ll plan something else really juicy!”

Lindsay will also play “a big role in a 3 episode arc” regarding Jo Danville’s (Sela Ward) past in Washington, DC. In last season’s “Vigilante”, Jo mentioned the final case she worked in DC before she came to the Big Apple. A rapist got off due to mishandled evidence, and the case will resurface in New York.

Jo’s ex-husband Russ Josephson (David James Elliott) appeared in several episodes last season (most recently “Identity Crisis”), but Elliott’s casting on the new ABC series Good Christian Belles will prevent fans from seeing him on New York for the time being. “If that should fail, we’d welcome him back!” the producers explained. However, despite the fact that Jo’s ex-husband won’t be back to woo her, “many of our single cast members may get love interests.”

Don Flack’s (Eddie Cahill) sister Samantha (Kathleen Munroe, “Dead Inside”) will return this season. “We’re hoping to start something that will have Flack making an [important] decision [with] respect to his job by end of season,” they shared. Meanwhile, resident coroner Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) has a ‘good moment’ coming up, Veasey and Reiter revealed: “[H]e becomes an inventor of a very interesting object!”

You can find all of Veasey and Reiter’s Tweets about New York’s season eight premiere, along with commentary on the season seven finale, “Exit Strategy”, on Twitter.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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