July 21 2024

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Ward Thought ‘CSI:NY’ Would Be ‘A Walk In The Park’

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Joining the cast of CSI: New York was an eye-opening experience for Sela Ward (Jo Danville).

Playing a forensic scientist on a procedural drama was a departure from Ward’s usual roles, and the actress did not anticipate just how different it would be to join the New York Crime Lab. “I thought it was going to be a walk in the park,” Ward admitted to Metro. “I really did. Because clearly I don’t watch television, and I hadn’t watched enough of these shows—until they called me, and then I watched maybe two. I should’ve watched a few more.”

A show like New York contains a lot of exposition, Ward continued, and the characters have to explain things multiple times. “I just am not used to that. It was very, very difficult for me for the first five shows,” she said. She added, “I guess it’s just the nature of these kinds of shows. They’re moving so fast, and they’re so technical when they start to get into the science of what’s going on, that they want to make sure the audience remembers. I keep going, ‘Are they really that stupid? They just can’t be that stupid. I mean, we’ve told them that already now four times. I have to say that again?’ It’s just so foreign to me to have to do that.”

The full interview is available on Metro.us. Thanks to TheChaoticBox from TalkCSI for the link!

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