Hayley Marie Norman Scores ‘Miami’ & ‘CSI:NY’ Roles

Actress Hayley Marie Norman enjoyed filming the latest episode of CSI: New York, “Shop Till You Drop”, and she had a blast working on the upcoming CSI: Miami episode “Wheels Up”. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Norman was offered a role on New York without having to audition “I’ve been offered a few lead roles in independent movies before, but being offered a role on a primetime TV show was a surreal experience for me,” the actress told This Dish Is Veg. “And then when I found out that it was a pretty meaty role as well, I was extra excited about it. Sela Ward (Jo Danville) is so beautiful and her eyes are hypnotizing, I couldn’t stop staring at her while we were shooting.”

“Wheels Up” features a roller derby storyline, so getting a role in the Miami episode was a dream come true for Norman. “I always wanted to be a roller derby girl but unfortunately could not because the numerous injuries these women sustain wouldn’t be the smartest career move to make,” she explained. “But, I got lucky enough that I got to play one on TV! I also wanted to be a cheerleader in high school, but couldn’t because of an acting commitment, and then a few years ago I got to play one in the movie Fired Up! I love it when stuff like this happens.”

Miami also gave Norman a chance to “play a tough girl”, and she enjoyed expressing that side of her personality. “I got whiplash while we were filming though because I fell so much,” she said. “We skated with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls for the episode, and those are some amazing women.”

The original interview is from This Dish Is Veg.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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