February 29 2024

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‘New York’ Introduces Jo’s Ex-Husband

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Sela Ward (Jo Danville) offers some insight into her character’s ex-husband, whom fans will be meeting in an upcoming episode of CSI: New York. (Minor spoilers after the jump.)

As CSI Files previously reported, David James Elliott (JAG) has been cast to play Russ Josephson, Jo’s ex-husband and an FBI Agent. According to CSI Files sources, Russ will appear in the eleventh episode of CSI: NY’s seventh season, and fans will get to see the former spouses interact. “Well, it’s hard NOT to have chemistry with him,” Ward told NBC. “He’s kind of gorgeous. All 6’5″ of him.”

Jo’s new CSI partner Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) will also have to deal with Russ. “It was fun to see Mac and him,” the actress said. She added that the competition between the men might be more than just CSI vs FBI. “Even thought there’s nothing going on with Mac and Jo, there’s still the possibility—and a little flirtation.”

Source: NBC Miami

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