Ward Talks Romance & Her Character’s FBI Past

Sela Ward offers some insight into her new CSI: New York character, Jo Danville, and her decision to join the crime drama. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Ward joined New York after Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera) left the series. Now that her kids are older, the actress thought it was the right time to take on a major role. “Timing is everything,” Ward told Fancast. “And the thing that’s attractive to me is that it is an ensemble show, so I wasn’t going to be carrying it on my shoulders. I could have a life.”

Jo used to work for the FBI. The details of her departure from the agency are a secret for now, but Ward revealed, “Something went down and she’s no longer an FBI agent.” That “something” relates to the role Jo played in putting a suspected felon back on the street. “She really took heat for it,” Ward explained.

Ward’s character is divorced. Now that she’s in the New York Crime Lab, could romantic feelings develop between Jo and her new boss Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise)? There may not be any such plans at the moment, but Ward is a fan of the idea. “You don’t have to consummate anything, but it’s the titillation and the undercurrent of sexual tension that makes it all really interesting,” Ward said. “I would hope that they would write that.”

Source: Fancast. Thanks to PerfectAnomaly from TalkCSI for the link.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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