Buckley: Adam Is Starting To Evolve

Things get personal when Adam Ross (AJ Buckley) spends time away from the lab in tonight’s episode of CSI: New York, “Unfriendly Chat”. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Adam gets involved in the investigation when he meets a beautiful young French woman on a video chat website. “I melt,” Buckley told TV Guide. “My character literally falls in love through the screen, and tragically as he falls in love, she dies right in front of me.”

Instead of sitting behind a computer for the whole episode, Adam gets out of the lab—and into trouble. “He gets in a fight with someone, and I hold my own, which is good,” Buckley revealed. “Adam’s always kind of the brunt of the joke. You push him and push him and push him, but if you push a nerd to certain level, they snap. And for some reason they always know kung fu or they have some sort of Jedi training. [Adam’s] got a great right hook. Any criminal out there—watch out.”

“He goes against Mac’s orders,” Buckley added, referring to his character’s boss, Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise). “I do get reprimanded. … But at the same time, Adam… has to stand up at some point, and I think this season, in the writing, Adam’s really started to evolve. I’m seeing new layers of Adam that I’ve never seen before.”

The full article, featuring a video interview, is available on TVGuide.com.

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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