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Rodriguez: We Want To Reinvigorate The Show

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With CSI: Miami moving to a new night starting on Sunday, October 3 at 10:00pm ET/PT, Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) is looking forward to heading into season nine and taking a look back at previous storylines. (Spoilers after the jump!)

Miami’s new timeslot could breathe new life into the series. “We want to reinvigorate the show and the audience,” Rodriguez told TV Guide. The show will get back to basics as the new season gets underway. “The old team is back in action,” he explained. He added that “Horatio [Caine, David Caruso] and Delko are a pretty constant team.”

“We’re going back to that period [in season 5], where we went down to Brazil and had to get revenge on the guys that killed my sister and Horatio’s wife,” the actor continued. Marisol Delko Caine (Alana de la Garza) was shot in the season four episode “Rampage” by Memmo Fierro (Robert LaSardo). Fierro will be back this season, along with Joe LeBrock (John Sharian). When Horatio’s son Kyle Harmon (Evan Ellingson) was in jail, LeBrock threatened the young man. The character was last seen in “Chain Reaction” during the show’s sixth season. Now that Eric and Horatio will be dealing with these two men from their past during season nine, Rodriguez said, “It will be interesting to go head-to-head with them.”

The relationship between Eric and Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) “won’t be ignored” this season, Rodriguez promised. He added, “There will be some resolution with that whole story.” However, as CSI Files previously reported, Procter’s pregnancy will not be part of the Miami storyline. “I think it was a smart decision not to incorporate it into the show,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t think there was enough lead-in to it. It would have seemed abrupt. But there’s no denying that she’s pregnant, so the tables have gotten higher, props in front of her have gotten bigger, and she’ll be in the lab coat more often than not. We’re standing around pretending like [her belly] doesn’t exist. It’s pretty funny.”

Source: The September 20-26 issue of TV Guide. Thanks to kala79 from TalkCSI for the information.

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