February 29 2024

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‘Miami’ Prepares To Go Undercover For Sweeps

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An upcoming November sweeps episode of CSI: Miami will find the team dealing with a dodgy psychic and going undercover to solve a case. Spoilers after the jump!

Southland actor Shawn Hatosy will guest star on November 7 as a murder suspect who doesn’t remember how he ended up near a dead body. The character claims he was drugged by a questionable psychic (played by Beth Littleford), but Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) isn’t convinced. “She’s drugged him, but I don’t believe the drug story,” La Rue told TVGuide.com. “So I go undercover and she drugs me.”

La Rue’s costar Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) is excited to work with Littleford. “The best part of the show is when people come on that you’re a fan of and you get to do scenes with them. I’m such a huge Beth Littleford fan,” the actor revealed. “We did a scene where she rubs my face erotically. There are 10 takes of her caressing my face and reading my aura. It was really funny.”

As CSI Files previously reported, there is a rumour that Lady Gaga might be interested in appearing on Miami. However, nothing has been planned so far. “She brings a lot of creative energy and she’s a force so it would be very interesting to see her folded into what we’re doing,” said leading man David Caruso. “She’s all about creating characters, and she’s created a media persona that’s got the attention of the world, and hopefully we can describe CSI: Miami like that as well. The marriage of those efforts could be really interesting.”

Source: TVGuide.com

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