Zombie: When People See It, They’ll Get It

Rob Zombie got a crash course in CSI: Miami when he helmed the upcoming episode “LA”.

Zombie wasn’t familiar with Miami before directing the episode. “Truthfully I never watched the show until I started to get involved with it,” he explained to Digital Spy. “I mean I was aware of it and had seen it but I don’t particularly watch a lot of TV. Mostly I knew about it from my mom—she loves it! That was part of the reason too. I was excited to do it because for once I get to do something my parents can tell their friends about without being mortified!”

The director enjoyed working with leading man David Caruso (Horatio Caine). “It was great,” Zombie said. “He’s a very serious person with his work, which is good because I’m serious too. At the end of the day all that matters is the work. You want it to be great and he takes his character and his job very seriously. He has a lot of scenes with the guest stars—in fact most of his scenes are with the guest stars I cast. There’s some really superior acting going on in this episode in particular.”

Zombie tried to walk a fine line between Miami‘s signature look and his own unique style. “That was the conflict all the way through in a way—I wanted to bring my vibe to the show but I wanted to keep it true to CSI—because obviously it has a huge fanbase and a formula that people love,” he said. “I wanted to vary within the boundaries of the show. The style of the show doesn’t particularly fit the style of what I normally do but I felt there was enough room to incorporate my style into their style. It’s hard to explain but when people see it they’ll get it.”

Source: Digital Spy

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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