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Procter Shares 25 Things You Didn’t Know

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CSI: Miami actress Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) wrote a list of “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” for Us Magazine. You can read the list after the jump:

  1. In college, I was a weather anchor for the local news. I would “borrow” my forecast from The Weather Channel.
  2. I love aimlessly shopping at drugstores.
  3. I am currently in training for the 2040 Senior Olympics.
  4. I always wear high heels.
  5. When I was 8, my favorite toy was a stapler. My brother was afraid of me.
  6. 180 episodes of CSI: Miami and never the same lipstick twice!
  7. I squirrel away sealed greeting cards that people give to me so I can open them later when I’m having a bad day.
  8. The red carpet is terrifying.
  9. Kevin, my 17-year-old cat, can’t wait to lick the dew off the plants each morning.
  10. Dear cable, please stop programming cake-making shows. You are ruining my relationship.
  11. To say that I am organized is an understatement, but my car tells a different story.
  12. I steal raw veggies from the food table at work. I take them home and make soup.
  13. I don’t e-mail.
  14. I talk to my childhood best friend everyday.
  15. [Rolling] Stones versus Beatles? Stones!
  16. I can put on lip liner and lipstick without looking in the mirror.
  17. You can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to The Big Lebowski.
  18. I’m intrigued by James Franco (but who isn’t?).
  19. Music in our home is delivered strictly by LP. Vinyl forever!
  20. One of my passions is interior decorating.
  21. I prank-call my manager at least once a week. He’s a sucker each time.
  22. I’m very self-conscious having my picture taken, so I clown around. My driver’s license photo looks like a blonde Elvis.
  23. I am aggressively friendly. I love people. Look out. (That means you.)
  24. I take a bubble bath every night.
  25. I have not checked a suitcase in eight years.

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