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Cibrian And Miller Space Out On ‘Miami’

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CSI: Miami‘s Eddie Cibrian (Jesse Cardoza) and Omar Miller (Walter Simmons) boldly go where no CSI has gone before in “Miami, We Have A Problem”. (Spoilers and embedded video after the jump!)

Miller and Cibrian took Entertainment Tonight behind the scenes as they filmed a portion of the episode that takes place in a weightless environment. “We find a dead body in Miami and it fell from the sky,” Cibrian explained. “We don’t know if it fell originally from a tree, if it fell from a plane, or if it fell from space.” He added, “They figured out that the only way this guy could have died was if he was weightless. Four guys went up and three guys came back. How did that happen?”

The episode finds the team looking into space tourism. “I think it was inevitable,” Cibrian said. “Well, you finally run out of ideas, and you have to come up with new ideas, and I think this is the first time anyone’s thought, ‘Well, maybe there was a murder in space.'”

“I don’t know if it was inevitable,” Miller countered, “but it’s really clever. I think our writers do a really good job of coming up with interesting ways to put spins on what seems like an endless amount of murders…I think this is really creative in the way that it unfolds.” Miller recently read an article about space tourism, which is very real. “If you have enough money, you can get up there,” he explained. “This might make a couple people think twice about it.”

Although people really can experience the weightlessness of space, Miami achieved the effect using harnesses. To add some more reality to the situation, Miller’s character ends up getting a bit nauseous. “It is the ‘Vomit Comet’ and somebody’s got to give it up,” Miller said.

You can watch the behind the scenes video below:

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