Take A Virtual Tour Of All Three ‘CSI’ Labs

In preparation for the upcoming three-way CSI crossover, CBS has set up www.csicrossover.com. Included on the site, which redirects to a section of CBS.com, are behind the scenes videos. Check out three videos that take fans on a virtual tour of each member of the franchise (including scenes that were filmed in each part of the lab) after the jump!

First, follow cameras through the various sections of the Las Vegas Crime lab used on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

Now, take a trip to the sunshine state to tour the Miami-Dade Police Department lab that is featured on the first spinoff, CSI: Miami:

Finally, head to the Big Apple and take a look around the lab used by the investigators on CSI: New York:

Source: CSIcrossover.com

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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