Fishburne: It Was A Natural Thing To Do

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s leading man Laurence Fishburne (Dr Ray Langston) felt that doing a three series crossover made perfect sense for the franchise. (Minor spoilers and embedded video after the jump.)

The first part of the crossover aired last night, November 9, when CSI: Miami invited Fishburne’s character to join their investigation during “Bone Voyage”. After working with Horatio Caine (David Caruso), Langston will travel to CSI: New York for “Hammer Down” this Wednesday, November 11, where he will work with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his team. Then it’s back to the Las Vegas Crime Lab for “The Lost Girls” on Thursday, November 12. “I thought it was a natural thing to do,” Fishburne said of the crossover. “When you consider how long the shows have been on, how popular they are, how successful they’ve been, it seems almost kind of odd that they didn’t do it before.”

“You can expect quite a ride,” he continued. “It begins in Miami with them discovering a human body part that originated in Las Vegas, so my character comes to Miami to help them investigate. That body part leads to a human trafficking ring that then takes us up to New York.” Unfortunately, the trail goes cold in the Big Apple. “It kind of heats up again back in Las Vegas,” Fishburne added.

Fishburne enjoyed working with Sinise and Caruso. “It was great,” he said. “It was nice to be reunited with David, and it was a joy to be able to work with Gary for the first time.”

You can watch the interview below:

Source: Today's THV

Rachel Trongo


Rachel Trongo

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