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‘Level 26’ And ‘The Conversation’ Available Tuesday

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CSI creator Anthony Zuiker and CSI: New York actor Hill Harper (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) have very different book titles coming out on Tuesday, September 8.

Zuiker’s new Digi-Novel, Level 26: Dark Origins, combines a traditional crime novel with online video segments and a social community. The man behind CSI discussed the Digi-Novel concept in his latest interview with CSI Files’ Kristine Huntley. The book centers around a team of investigators trying to track down a ruthless serial killer:

It is well known among law enforcement personnel that murderers can be categorized on a scale of twenty- five levels of evil, from the naive opportunists starting out at Level 1 to the organized, premeditated torture- murderers who inhabit Level 25.

What almost no one knows—except for the elite unnamed investigations group assigned to hunt down the world’s most dangerous killers, a group of men and women accounted for in no official ledger, headed by the brilliant but reluctant operative Steve Dark—is that a new category of killer is in the process of being defined.

Only one man belongs to this group.

His targets: Anyone

His methods: Unlimited

His alias: Sqweegel

His classification: Level 26

Level 26: Dark Origins is available from Amazon and other retailers. The suggested retail price is $26.95.

As Harper explained in his most recent CSI Files interview, The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships is his first book geared toward an adult audience. The Conversation looks at relationships from a single-man’s perspective, concentrating on why it is difficult for African Americans to find and maintain long-term relationships. According to the book description:

In his moving yet practical book, Hill Harper undertakes a journey both universal and deeply personal in search of answers to these questions. He has conversations with friends and strangers—married, single and divorced—and learns about their private struggles, emotional vulnerabilities, and real concerns, and begins to see common themes emerge. As his journey picks up momentum, Hill begins to recognize his own struggles in other people’s stories, and is encouraged to more deeply examine his own relationship issues.

The Conversation can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers. The suggested retail price is $22.50.

Be sure to check back with CSI Files this week for reviews of Dark Origins and The Conversation.

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