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Buckley: Adam Finally Gets Some Love

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AJ Buckley (Adam Ross) was excited to get back to work on CSI: New York and delve into the lives of the characters during the show’s sixth season.

Jessica Angell (Emmanuelle Vaugier) was killed in the season five finale, “Pay Up”, and Buckley promised that New York would explore the impact of her death this fall. “The season opener of the show opens with a bang to say the least,” the actor told Starry Constellation Magazine. “It explores the death of Angell and what people go through after her death. Mentally and emotionally what they do and what happened after that moment.”

“I think this whole new season, for every character, we’re going into the intricacies and peeling back the layers and having a better understanding of how these characters tick,” Buckley continued. However, the third member of the CSI franchise won’t forget about the forensics. “Science will always be a huge character in the show but I think we’re fortunate being in season six the audience cares about the characters and really wants to go inside their mind a little bit,” the actor explained.

The cast and crew have already filmed several episodes for the upcoming season, which will premiere on September 23. “We’re on episode six right now and the scripts are just phenomenal this year for everybody,” Buckley said. “I get some love, Adam finally gets some love after five years, I can’t say with who but I get some love.”

Buckley said he was excited to get back to work on New York after the hiatus. He described the cast and crew as “a really close group” who still have great chemistry after working together for several years. “Eddie [Cahill, Don Flack], Hill [Harper, Dr Sheldon Hawkes], Carmine [Giovinazzo, Danny Messer], and myself have become really good friends over the last couple of years,” Buckley shared. “I really noticed it when I came back from break this year and saw everybody and realized how much I had missed them and how important everyone was to me. That goes right across the board to the crew, I was genuinely really excited to see everyone.”

The interview can be read in its entirety at Starry Constellation Magazine‘s website. Thanks to perlnoir on TalkCSI for the link.

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