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Sinise remembers 9/11, La Rue and Rodriguez nominated, Rodriguez and Milos navigate, real CSI weighs in, ‘Experience’ opens in Vegas, Cibrian releases statement, ‘CSI’ comic omnibus edition and new crime scene game.

  • CSI: New York star Gary Sinise will attend the first 9/11 Day of Service in New York City on September 11.
  • Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) and Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) have been nominated for American Latino Media Arts Awards (ALMA) for their positive portrayals of Latino characters on CSI: Miami. (Source)
  • Rodriguez and Sofia Milos (Miami‘s Yelina Salas) have been confirmed as Celebrity Navigators for the Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup in Toronto, Canada on September 25 and 26. The event will increase awareness and raise money to help children who are battling cancer.
  • “Life as a real life CSI isn’t as glamorous as it looks on TV,” Vivienne Mee, an expert in computer forensics in Ireland, told The Argus. Mee finds her job “hugely enjoyable”, but she said it isn’t the same as it might appear on the CSI series. “I do watch those shows, and I have to laugh sometimes at how quickly they get results, it’s certainly not like that in reality,” she said.
  • “CSI: The Experience” will open at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 12. (Source:
  • Eddie Cibrian (Jesse Cardoza) will join the cast of Miami starting in the season eight premiere. The actor recently separated from his wife, Brandi Glanville, citing irreconcilable differences. Cibrian issued a statement on Thursday saying that he wants to keep the matter private and that he will remain committed to raising his two sons, Mason and Jake. “While my wife and I are dissolving our marriage, we will work together to parent our two children,” he said. “I love my boys very much. I want only the best for them and am committed to being a devoted father.”
  • IDW will release an omnibus edition of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comic book tie-in this fall. The CSI Omnibus Vol. 1 includes CSI: Serial, CSI: Bad Rap and CSI: Demon House. (Source)
  • SouthPeak Games will release a game exclusively for the Nintendo DS this holiday season called Crime Scene. Although it is not associated with the franchise, the game may appeal to CSI fans. “Whether you are a fan of police dramas on TV, classic detective fiction, or just tricky puzzles, Crime Scene allows players to take part in their own tense, high stakes investigation and get involved in forensic work.” explained SouthPeak’s VP of Marketing Richard Iggo. You can find a list of game features at the official website here.
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