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Eads: I’d Sit For Hours And Draw

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s George Eads (Nick Stokes) has been drawing superheroes since he was a child.

Eads started sketching crime fighters when he was growing up in Belton, Texas. “I’d sit for hours and draw faces and figures,” the actor told Redbook. “I remember one mural I drew that had these guys busting out of the back door of a bank with these crazy looks on their faces, bullets flying out of their guns. One guy was turning around, and Captain America was leaning against a light pole with his finger to his lips going, ‘Shhh.’ Everything about superheroes is just so bad-ass. My personal favorite is Iron Man.”

The actor gets his love for art from his family. “My mother and grandmother are and were both great painters, and I took art classes in junior high and high school,” Eads explained. “I used to think the best job in the whole world would be to work at Six Flags Over Texas doing caricatures of people. When I would see those dudes draw people, I thought that was the coolest thing. I would watch for hours.”

Although he never became a caricature artist, Eads did find a use for his artistic talents during one of his old jobs. “I was a junior high school teacher for a year in Waco, TX, and I’d work with special-ed kids,” he shared. “I’d draw pictures of superheroes and Xerox them, and the kids loved to color them. In fact, a few years ago I went to the Dominican Republic with a few other celebrities to visit an orphanage, and the kids loved it then too. Some of the celebrities were singing and playing instruments; I started drawing faces, and the kids were just swarming around me. It comes in handy.”

The original article is from Redbook.

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